Did Someone Call For A Love Song?

Does loving someone always turn out fine in the end? Follow the adventures of Mia and Luke to find out!



Mia's POV

It's a new day to a new week. I didn't see Luke at all over the weekend, but he did tell me he was busy. He didn't say what with, but oh well. It's 7:00 am yet it feels much earlier. Why does school start so early? Answer me that! I roll over out of bed and make my way to the bathroom. Woah! I have horrible dark bags under my eyes! I clip my hair back out of my face and splash my face with refreshingly cold water. I then gently rub in some concealer to take away the bags. I can't be bothered to do much to my hair today do I just pop it up in a messy bun. I swipe a small amount of mascara over my already long eye lashes. I usually go for a casual look. I quickly get dressed into high waisted jeans, a white crop top and warm, wooly cardigan. I slip on some white converse. Mum is already downstairs starting on breakfast. 
"Mm! Smells nice," I sniff in.
"Thanks! Pancakes, your favourite!"
"Great way to start a dreadful Monday morning."
I slowly eat my pancakes, enjoying every single mouthful.
"Thanks mum, I'm off to lukes house now before school is that okay?"
"Sure honey! Have fun!"
I give her a peck on the cheek then grab my bag heading for the door.

Luke's POV

I feel great about confronting Mia an sharing my feelings. To find out she likes me just the same makes me so happy. I hope she doesn't ask why I couldn't see her at the weekend. I can't lie to save my life. Now it's nothing bad, she just can't know. Yet!
*knock knock*
I scramble to open the door and smile as I see Mia standing on the doorstep looking as beautiful as ever.
I give her a tight hug then let her inside, closing the door behind her. 
"So, why did you want me to come round?"
"does there have to be a reason?"
"No, but is there?"
"Well I want to see my gorgeous girlfriend!"
She plants a kiss on my cheek and slumps onto the sofa.
I follow her and sit on the opposite sofa.
"Not sitting next to me?" she gives me the puppy dog eyes.

Mia's POV

He won't sit next to me! I know he's only messing but I act all sad. I carry on with my puppy dog eyes! He begins to laugh but doesn't move. I carry on until he gives in.
"Aw! I can't stay away from you for long!"
I give him a long sloppery kiss.
*twenty minutes later*
We are still talking about random stuff when I glance at the wooden clock on the mantle piece.
"Damn, we're already late for class!" I panic.
"Chill, we're in no rush!"

Luke's POV

It's as if she's never been late for class before. Wait, I don't think she has, where as me, I have! Plenty of times! I give her one last kiss then take her hand and leave the house. We walk slowly to school, already ten minutes late. She keeps trying to run but I pull get back. What's her rush? School is boring anyway! We finally make it twenty minutes late. We stumble through the door and the room is silent.
"Omg, we have a test don't we," I suddenly remember seeing everyone hard at work.
"Mr brooks and Miss Taylor! Detention! You will have to do this test then, after school! Now go sit at the back I silence!" Mr Daley shouts in anger. Mia jumps at how loud his voice is. We walk towards the back and sigh.

Mia's POV

Time ticks past so slowly as we mutter quietly at the back of the classroom. Our hands are interlocked under the table. Mr Daley keeps shooting weird looks our way. I am so tempted to kiss him, but I know I can't right now. It wouldn't feel right at the back of a classroom with a teacher watching. When class finishes we walk out the room but sir calls us back.
"Back here this lunch time!"
Luke rolls his eyes while I just nod. English now, but Luke sadly isn't in my lesson. 
"See you soon baby!" he calls down the corridor.
I blow him a kiss.

*Lunch time*

I meet Luke back at Mr Daley's classroom ready for detention. I guess it will be like a normal lesson as we will be doing out maths test. We are told to sit at separate tables and he slams down our test sheets in front of us.
"one hour, you may begin!"
He keeps a solid eye on us the whole time. Everytime I look up, he is looking at either me or Luke. It's distracting me and not helping me concentrate.

The bell for last period rings and I walk out the classroom quickly needing a drink. So much thinking makes me dehydrated.
"You okay babe?" Luke comes up by my side.
"Yeah just really thirsty!" I gulp water down from the fountain.
"One more lesson then we can relax," he winks then sets off for last lesson. 

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