Did Someone Call For A Love Song?

Does loving someone always turn out fine in the end? Follow the adventures of Mia and Luke to find out!


6. Birthday!

Luke's POV

Do I call her? I need to know if she's okay! She was fine before I left the room to make that call, but then as soon as I returned she suddenly turned all weird on me. I will leave it for a bit just to give her a little bit more time.

*one hour later*

"Hello Mrs Taylor, is Mia there? Well can I talk to her please? Oh why? Tell her it's important and maybe call me back? Thanks. Bye!"

So she doesn't even want to talk on the phone now. I've given her enough time, how much longer does she need.

I grab an apple from the fridge and bite down on it. Eating helps me think better. Sounds a bit strange I know.

Mia's POV

I really want to call Luke to let him know that I know what's going on. But I'm scared! What if he kills me tonight or-

Am I over reacting? What if he's not even planning on killing anyone. Maybe I misheard him. Maybe I should get some sleep and just hope that everything turns out fine.

It's not even that late, it's only nine in the evening and I usually stay up quite late. But I'm not in the mood to be staying up tonight.

I quickly get into my pj's and wipe off my make up.

I run downstairs to say night to mum and plant a quick kiss on her cheek.

"You're early tonight, you tired already!"

"Yeah, I'm not feeling too good. Plus I know you will be up early tomorrow so I might as well," I smile.

"Night sweetie! Sleep well."

"Love you mum!"

"You too darling!"

*7:30 the next morning*

I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. I don't bother looking at the ID and just answer it.

"Hello?" Oh hey Luke, I'm feeling much better today Thankyou. Aw Thankyou! Three? Yeah sure. Okay I love you, bye!"

Oh god! Three! He wants me to meet him at his house at three! Omg!


I drag myself out of bed, piling my hair up into a messy bun.

I notice mum isn't even up yet, which is strange. She's unusually up bright and early, especially on my birthday.

I decide to go wake her up incase her alarm hadn't been set or something.

I arrive in her room and notice that she isn't even in her bed. Her curtains are open, letting the beautiful rays of sunshine through the window.

I skip down the stairs to check the garden; not there either. Maybe she's just popped to the shops.

I make some breakfast for myself and sit down in my usual seat at the table. I always have to sit on the seat that's closest to the door because then I can stare straight ahead through the conservatory doors into the garden.

I'm just washing my bowl when the door slams loudly, making me jump.


"In the kitchen," I call.

"Ah, morning darling. We really need a new door, that one is forever slamming!"

"Where was you?" I ask as I see no shopping bags in her hands.

"Oh, I er.. Just went for a little walk!"

I can tell she's lying, but I don't let onto her that I know. Instead I just say..

"Oh okay."

"Anyway! Happy birthday pumpkin!"

She comes over and squeezes me tightly!

"Sixteen already. You've grown up so fast!" She gushes.

Aurgh! Why do parents always say that?

"Now, how about opening your presents?"

I follow her into the living room where there are several presents piled high!

"Wow! Why so many?" I ask surprised.

"Because its your sixteenth. You deserve it. Come on, cards first though!"

I open all the cards first smiling at all the nice messages! I even have some from other family members too.

I open the biggest present first and am surprised to see a new TV for my room. My current one is so old and small it hardly works anymore.

I see my mum grab one present and place It on her lap.

I look at her suspiciously but think nothing of it and open all my other presents!

I now have: a new tv, a couple of DVDs and cd's, books, a few new belly button piercings and much more.

Suddenly, I can hear a vibrating sound coming from my mums lap. She is grinning foolishly at me as she hands the last present to me.

I slowly open up the box to see a new iPhone laying perfectly inside. Looks like mum has already set it all up as it now says DAD is calling on the screen.

I squeal excitedly as I slide the bar across.

"Hello sweetie!"


"Happy birthday, how are you?"

"I'm great Thankyou, how about you dad?"

"I'm just fine, opened all your presents?"

"Yeah I have!"

"And which ones your favourite?"


"But I Havn't gotten you one, well I have but you Havn't opened it yet!"

"Well I thought this call was your present!"

"Ah, yes but that was more your mothers idea! Now sweetie I love you lots and you will get to see me at three! Bye bye!"

"Bye dad, I love you!"

It's only when I hang up when I realise what he had just said.

"You will get to see me at three!"

Was he in on this as well? Was he who Luke was on the phone with yesterday? Oh this just gets better and better.

You see dad moved away two years ago when I was just 14 because him and mum split. I see him every year on my birthday, Christmas and Easter.

But now it just turns out he's going to kill me!


I've had a great day with my mum! She has spoiled me rotten. We went out for a bit if lunch, but before she bought so many clothes for me I don't know if I will have room in my wardrobe!

We are now sat on the sofa, cuddled up with hot cocoa watching a film!

"Thankyou for today mum."

"Anything for you sweetie!"

"You know, you didn't have to buy me all those clothes!"

"But you deserve them. Now this finishes in about half an hour, then you need to quickly get ready, if you're going round to Luke's."

Yeah, almost forgot that in one hours time, I will only have like one minute left to live!

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