The Cambridge Killer

Clarie is finding university hard enough without an escaped killer on the loose. girls are dissapearing for days, only for police to find their bodies raped and murdered in their own home. suspicious teachers and dying friends are getting too much to handle for clarie. will clarie find the muderer before he finds her?
this is for the crime scene comp. i hope you like it.


1. Prolouge

Dark blue eyes stared blankly up at me as I studied the limp body of Katie Robins. Her pink lips open wide in horror. Lipstick that was once perfect, now smeared across her rosy cheeks. Her slender arms splayed out at her sides, yellow and green bruises tainted the soft, porcelain skin at her wrists. I slowly shuffled away from her side as the growing pool of cold blood chased me across the wooden flooring. I stood up quickly, before making slow circles around the body as if i was performing an ancient ritual. Then I knelt down, away from the blood, to examine the shattered glass near her feet. As I studied the delicate shards, I spotted a small purple bruise at the base of her skirt. I gently changed the angle of her leg to expose the severe bruising on her upper thigh and lower waist. The plastic suit I have to wear crackled as i prodded  the tender flesh around the hurt area. I stood up, ducked under the police tape and rubbed my gloved hands together. I paced around the crime scene, occasionally glancing at katie, then wishing I hadn't. Fear crept up my spine like a python, wrapping its smooth, slimy body around my neck; constricting my airways until i was choking.

"I deal with death every day." I scolded myself as I saw my pale and shaking body reflected in the window. But deep inside, I knew it wasn't her death that scared me. It was the fact someone has carved a deep wound in her flesh shaped like a one.

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