The Cambridge Killer

Clarie is finding university hard enough without an escaped killer on the loose. girls are dissapearing for days, only for police to find their bodies raped and murdered in their own home. suspicious teachers and dying friends are getting too much to handle for clarie. will clarie find the muderer before he finds her?
this is for the crime scene comp. i hope you like it.


3. 2


"So if ab equals twelve, then a+ (ab-c) equals-"

Mr Roberts fell silent as the large door swung open. The gold hinges squeaked in protest as a police officer stepped through, his face as dismal and hostile as the grim reapers right hand man. He gave an awkward nod to the class before turning to my anxious teacher. "Are you Andrew Roberts?" the police man asked in a gravelly voice. Mr Roberts nodded quickly, and ran a hand through his curly ginger mob of hair. His mouse like face gave the impression of a rabbit caught in the head lights, too scared to move or cry out.

"You must come with me, then." the man demanded. I detected a hint of arrogance in his voice.

"n-now isn't the r-r-right t-time, you see," he stuttered before he beckoned to the startled class. "I’m in the middle of an l-lesson."

The eyes of the police man stared unfazed at the startled teacher, his cold grey eyes giving away no emotion. "You must come now. If you don't I have the authority to arrest you on the suspicion of murder and the failing to turn up to interrogation."

I heard someone gasp, before realising it was me. The policeman’s eyes flickered over me, almost staring, and I felt my cheeks burning. Mr Roberts had turned a quite pleasant shade of green, and then followed the policeman out of the door. I sat there stunned for several minutes like the rest of my classmates, until one by one, everyone got up, and left. I heard the door slam shut as the last person left, leaving me to wallow in silence. I felt like a statue, unable to move or speak as the veil of shock tightened its grip around me. It took me even more time to finally arouse myself from the wooden desk, as thoughts whirred around my mind like autumn leaves swept up by a strong gust of wind.

Forensic scientists, interrogation officers and constables were scattered around the whole university, standing in small clusters and discussing various finds. I floated through the rest of the day, going to the lectures but only half listening to them. I briefly wondered what happened to Mr Roberts, but didn't dwell on it for the fear of my mind drifting to Katie.

I slipped into the library, walking through the dusty and neglected aisles until I came across a small cluster of armchairs squeezed in the corner. The velvet cushions looked worn and faded on the chipped wood; the chairs looked like they could fall down at any second. I chose the sturdiest looking seat and sat down on it, curling my legs up to my chin and pulled out my book.

I could feel the change instantly. Coldness gripped my body as I watched two plain clothed officers step through the frosted glass door of the library, talking to each other in a low and urgent manner. Desperation as thick as custard filled the soft green eyes of the first one, while the other looked merely annoyed.

"Attention all students. You are to go to the great hall immediately, to attend a meeting with Mr Corbett." stated the first one, her voice surprisingly hard against her mellow complexion. Mentally sighing, I swivelled off the seat and followed the crowd of equally disgruntled students out of the door.

The hall was crammed with students lined row by row in hard wooden seats. The atmosphere was tense and cold, yet suffocating like a heat wave in Greece. I shifted past a group of whispering girls with pink bags, and reached my seat just as Mr Corbett stepped out from behind the large purple curtains on stage. He stepped forward, then back again, before stopping uncomfortably in a half-step position. I bit my lip. We could all tell this wasn't good news.

"I am afraid I have some depressing news to pass on, regarding a student at this university. I was hoping to have the murderer of Katie to be caught by now, before he could cause more harm, but unfortunately, he has. “He started. My heart seemed to have stopped in my chest, yet it beaded louder than ever before. What had happened? What did he mean? I sat up straighter, my eyes not leaving his face, watching his worried blue eyes for clues.

 "It is with my upmost fear to reveal to you that there has been another murder in the grounds of Cambridge." he choked out. "Sarah young... is dead." 



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