Room. 492

For the crime competition.


1. Prologue

V.D opened twisted the room's doorknob and was hit by a smell of decay. She closed her nose and stepped inside, her eyes darting everywhere from the dirty floors to the lilac curtain. She walked quietly the room was dead quiet the kind of room where you could hear a pin drop. V.D scoffed down a laugh if this was a prank by Joe the class clown he was going to pay. No one messed around with V.D nobody she was a rebel a dark fire and no one could mess with her.

"Ms Rellik, anyone here" she called out her voice echoed around the room.

She was answered with silent she turned around and continued to walk until she felt something wet on her cheeks. She looked up and screamed   loudly as she was face to face with her friend Alise body stuck on the ceiling.

She looked at Alise body her eyes a deep blue and her blonde hair brighter then ever but the thing that was most unusual was her smile. Her smile was a big smiley one and blood pouring out of her mouth. She suddenly felt like she was going to faint and ran out screaming.

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