A poem about rocks... 'cause I enjoy collecting them but that's besides the point right now.


1. A Rock

How rigid and sturdy,

All rocks seems to be.

However, acid rain,

Often makes them wane.


How deceptive and shiny,

This rock seems to be,

But it's just fool's gold,

At least I've been told.


How smooth and tiny,

That rock seems to be.

It's a diamond full of carbon:

Something that's not too common.


How brittle and found in the sea.

This rock is supposed to be.

It's just that compact sandstone,

I think it's pretty well known.


How dense and 'holey',

That rock seems to be.

It fell from the skies at night.

Holy crap! it's a meteorite.


How grand and bulky,

This rock seems to be.

It's the planet Earth:

It contains all rocks of worth.

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