Love Found

This is a story I have written, but as a lot of you have probably realised, I enjoy writing poetry. So I decided to write a story in poems! Hope it works! It is a very short story about a girl and a boy. The first four chapters are in the girls P.O.V and the last four are the boys P.O.V. As you can probably pick up by the change of structure. If it gets good feedback, I might make a sequel. ;)


4. We Meet Again

He came once more,
To the same place,
His beautiful body I saw,
And his perfect face.

A god from on high,
That’s what I could see.
If only I wasn’t so shy,
If only he noticed me.

But a girl like me,
And a boy like him,
Could never be,
He was giving me a whim.

I decided to give up,
My heart has burst,
I have drunken from the love cup,
But still I thirst.
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