Love Found

This is a story I have written, but as a lot of you have probably realised, I enjoy writing poetry. So I decided to write a story in poems! Hope it works! It is a very short story about a girl and a boy. The first four chapters are in the girls P.O.V and the last four are the boys P.O.V. As you can probably pick up by the change of structure. If it gets good feedback, I might make a sequel. ;)


2. Street Life

Walking down the sreet,

In my worn out jeans,

Finding somewhere to stay,

By all means.


Passing by the rich,

Passing by the poor,

Sleeping in a ditch,

Knocking on people's front door.


Now I know,

What it's like in these situations,

To sleep on show,

In London stations.


Not the life one would choose,

A life alone,

In life's game I loose,

I have been over thrown.


Living unsupported,

With no clean sheets,

I have resorted,

To living on the streets.

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