Love Found

This is a story I have written, but as a lot of you have probably realised, I enjoy writing poetry. So I decided to write a story in poems! Hope it works! It is a very short story about a girl and a boy. The first four chapters are in the girls P.O.V and the last four are the boys P.O.V. As you can probably pick up by the change of structure. If it gets good feedback, I might make a sequel. ;)


7. I Go Back Again

She was too perfect to miss,

The things I’d do for a simple kiss,

Off her pretty lips.

So I went back again,

Doesn’t matter when

Just wanted to hold her hips.


I ordered my hot chocolate with cream,

While watching her pretty scene,

And what a brilliant one it was,

I would have done anything for her

Given gold, frankincense and myrrh

In a concert she‘d get full applause.


But she must be taken,

If she was I’d be shaken,

A boy would ravish her to bits.

But I’d take care,

Be gentle with her hair,

And buy her a dress that fits.


Why was it so hard to talk,

I was only out for a walk,

When I spotted pure perfection

With the confidence of a cobra,

I’d go and spoil her,

Her love was just an infection.

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