Love Found

This is a story I have written, but as a lot of you have probably realised, I enjoy writing poetry. So I decided to write a story in poems! Hope it works! It is a very short story about a girl and a boy. The first four chapters are in the girls P.O.V and the last four are the boys P.O.V. As you can probably pick up by the change of structure. If it gets good feedback, I might make a sequel. ;)


1. Leaving Home

A home, that’s all I asked for,
Was it really that hard to give?
So your kicking me out the front door,
With nowhere else to live.

For many years, this has been my refuge,
A place for me to reflect,
But now you’ve turned, like Scrooge,
Into a being far from perfect.

What do you expect me to do?
Where do you think I’ll stay?
I can barely afford one shoe,
Let alone a barn for a day.

I remember when I was young,
And we’d play out in the sun.
Backwards and forwards on the swing I swung,
It used to be so much fun.

Holidays as a family, now they were great,
I think we all enjoyed them.
Staying out at the barbeque till late.

Have I been unkind, in years gone past?
Have I been hard to raise?
If so then please tell me fast,
Please tell me this is just a phase.

But no, your serious, you don’t want me around,
It’s hard for me to believe.
It looks like, I am homeless bound
I guess I’ll just leave.
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