once there was peace but now there is not.


1. chapter 1

I was sitting there watching tv when they came. Blood red eyes staring in to mine. Grey horns sharper then a knife. Amed with axes cuverd in blood. thers are demons frome HELL its self. crashing throo my wall with its axe. Then roaring in my face making me too scared to move. I thort I was going to die. Sudenly two beens of wite lines cross throo his body. The bemon fell to the flor in four preases. A mysterious figure stood in  the broken wall.

"Come with me ..." The figure turn around and said

"Oh yule need this" and he tosed me a sword.

"Who are you?" I asked. He did not anser for a few secons.

" I started this war and Im gowing to finish it."

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