Love Lasts An Eternity

Denee' was just a typical girl and Harry was just a regular boy . They were bestfriends you could never split them. They go through twist and turns but there bond is strong, or at least they think so. But what goes on that might rip them apart? who falls for who? Does someone get hurt or go missing? . who is harry saying this too?,"Love Last an Eternity," Harry smirks. Does anyone die?


4. Where were you?

I looked around searching for Harry. Wonder where he was at?

"Harry! Harry!" I heard someone calling my name . So I'd better make this quick . I grabbed Sammy by his arm and slammed him to the locker , " look , you better not hurt ,no you better leave her alone okay and we won't have a problem , I know guys like you , you use girls like tissues ."I whispered loudly . "She's special ." I paused . " so leave her alone". He winced. " got it ?" I ran to my car . "Oh there you are if been going crazy searching for you Harry ! " she yelled and then punched me "what was that for ?!" I laughed " it felt just right for the moment " she tilted her nose up in 'anger'. We left to grab a bite. We went to her favorite place it reminded her of home it was country themed like her home state apparently . "So where'd you go seriously ?" She asked me. "Went to grab my binder , I left it in the library " which I really had but I didn't nor was I going to tell her about my fallout with 'pretty boy' I didn't like him one bit . Something about him irked and rubbed me the WRONG way.
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