Love Lasts An Eternity

Denee' was just a typical girl and Harry was just a regular boy . They were bestfriends you could never split them. They go through twist and turns but there bond is strong, or at least they think so. But what goes on that might rip them apart? who falls for who? Does someone get hurt or go missing? . who is harry saying this too?,"Love Last an Eternity," Harry smirks. Does anyone die?


3. Shocked

'Buhrrring' the bell rung symbolizing that school was over for the day. I headed to the detention hall (the library). I felt someone touch me from behind , I flinched then I saw Sammy Nelson, he had been my crush since I'd moved here.I'd never talked to him though I'd been too shy ."Hey, nice prank , haha I laughed all day thinking about it ." He smirked . " Thanks , it was quite a laugh ,eh?" I laughed out nervously . He smiled at me " I guess you're headed to detention too , right?" . "Yeah ..." I nodded. I saw Harry as I walked down the hall with Sammy . He looked shocked and looked Sam up and down and then put his arm around me pushing Sam out the way , he insulted Sam and tried to do everything to embarrass me from Sam . I didn't know it but now I do Harry was VERY over protective . Sam laughed and came on the opposite side of Harry next to me "catch ya later , babe." He winked smiling flirtatiously. As soon as he got farther away ,I elbowed Harry "ow!" He said. " you totally cock blocked me !" I blurted . "What do you mean ?"he questioned pretending to be innocent . "GAHH! Harry "I looked at him as I yelled it out . He laughed and moved his arm up and down thrusting his arm motioning his success . I sat down by a group of friends and Harry joined . Detention wasn't even detention it was like we just needed to show up to talk to our friends. I shook my head thinking about how legit it was hah, wow. The two hours were up it was so AMAZINGLY FUN!!! We basically had a party in there no adult supervision so we had fun. I walked out to Harry's car but where ... Was ...Harry ???
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