Love Lasts An Eternity

Denee' was just a typical girl and Harry was just a regular boy . They were bestfriends you could never split them. They go through twist and turns but there bond is strong, or at least they think so. But what goes on that might rip them apart? who falls for who? Does someone get hurt or go missing? . who is harry saying this too?,"Love Last an Eternity," Harry smirks. Does anyone die?


7. Next to me

"Surprise me ." I said flirty like. Harry wrapped his arms tighter around me and he kissed the top of my head."One thing i need to know what do i wear?". He just sat there silently , but i didn't say anything either i just lay there all warm and snuggle. I figured he was taking a nap so i did the same . I felt his warm breath at the top of my head still. I stayed up for a while and then dosed off.It was weird because  I had a dream and in this dream Harry was singing but i couldnt find him but i heard him like he was right next to me. I looked every where for him but couldnt find him everything started to blur when he said 'why did you leave me ?' he then appeared in your view and he looked hurt he stared at me and kept repeating 'where were you , you just left me alone?' you couldnt answer him even though you tried to then he just walked away you couldn't follow after him you just dropped to your knees.

You woke up with a deep inhale like you been holding your breath. Harry wasnt there anymore . You started to freak out thinking maybe this dream was true. 'Dont trust me, never trust me dont trust me' i hear my phone ring,"HELLO!""hey babe""oh hey" you say relieved"come to your window""hey" i squeal then i laugh like a really cute guy just flirted with me but then again..."why arent you dressed?" "well if someone would have woke me we wouldnt have this probably now would we ?" "Im sorry , you just look so peaceful when you sleep." I smiled then went to get dressed . I had on Black skinny jeans, a white Turtle neck on, and a black wool coat with white a scarf.You grabbed his hand you walked a couple of blocks until you got to a party . It was a high school party this means there'd be tons of kids you didnt like then on top of that they'd be drunk also. I was worried but wasnt going to let harry know this id just let him feel like hed picked the right place to go although he didnt . I can honestly say i dont think he thought this through .We walked to the house and a guy i knew he was harrys guy bestfriend .

"HEEYY MAN!"he said. "SUP, Conor!" Harry screamed . I stared into the party Him and Harry were busy talking i stood there for a while then i let go of Harrys hand and went inside. Im sure he didnt notice , well because he didnt .I walked around with one of my hands on my arm like a shy girl. I felt intimidated because all of these people were the people i didnt hang out with. "Hey DANIE!" a tall blonde yells at me "COME HERE!" I stare at her for a while knowing shes dreadful . "Well dont stand there looking like a freak cmon." Knowing this was a foolish move i still do so . "what are you doing here?" "Partying, isnt it obvious." i say mimicing her voice tone. "well it doesnt seem like it at all, you appear bored, lets do something we think you might fancy."Her and her pousy stand right beside me they all walk identical, they even flip there hair at the same time even though i dont like these girls they were still really pretty and guys did chase after them like dogs. She points me to a spot and i figure why not and i stand there like the idiot i am. Then someone comes up beside me with red paint and pours it all over my white turtle neck. Why wasnt i shocked this happened im the foolish one that followed her. "I DESERVE HARRY NOT YOU!" she screams. " I HAD HIM BEFORE YOU CAME AND I WANT HIM BACK!" She then takes another can and pours it on my shoes and hair.

I walked quickly away from her because i knew if i would have ran it would just satisfy her . I pick up my Black jacket , thank God it was black or it would be a mess."HEY BABE YOU LOOK FIT" a guy screams grabbing my butt. I slapped him but he was still all over me."GO AWAY!" i say."Theres no need for hiding us babe ." Then unbelievably he starts singing 'I will always love you by whitney houston'. I have to admit he was kind of cute and he had an australian accent, but i still wanted him off of me. "dude , get off of her ." I noticed this voice it was Sammy. "Thank you." i said . "no problem,whats up with your shirt." "I dont want to talk about it i just want to go home." "Let me take you." "Okay." I smiled. I'd only said this because Harry was no where around at all.

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