Love Lasts An Eternity

Denee' was just a typical girl and Harry was just a regular boy . They were bestfriends you could never split them. They go through twist and turns but there bond is strong, or at least they think so. But what goes on that might rip them apart? who falls for who? Does someone get hurt or go missing? . who is harry saying this too?,"Love Last an Eternity," Harry smirks. Does anyone die?


9. It's just too late

I woke up and checked my phone ( 0 messages) , i was so confused by Harry . I didn't even know what was going through my head.Walking down to the kitchen i smelled the tempting scent of breakfast." MHHMM, mom what are you making?"I questioned my mother, even though i knew what she was making eggs, bacon , and pancakes. She didn't answer me she was on the phone have a very serious conversion i could tell by her facial expressions . So i just sat down in front of her and looked at her worriedly. She slowly ended the call and put the phone down , she looked stunned. " I don't know how to tell you this honey..." she paused."...but i need you to pack your clothing and every last bit of anything in your room."Her face brightened."BECAUSE WE'RE MOVING TO NEW YORK, IN THREE DAYS!"She screamed."WHAT?!"I shouted." I know honey this is going to be an amazing new start." "No, no mom you don't understand, I can't leave that fast without warnings , I want to stay." "You can't the decision is already made and we've got your plane ticket , now that'd be a shame to waste money now wouldn't it." "MOM,I CAN'T LEAVE HARRY." " well you can't stay either." "Mom can't i fly off a day or two later after you, i promised to watch him and support him at his Xfactor audition." " Sweetie, i would if i could but i can't ." She walked off and started to put food on a plate. In just three days my life would change .

Since my life was ruined why not sleep in and watch movies on netflix all day . As i was watching Titanic , i decided i wasn't going to tell Harry i was leaving i wasn't going to tell him anything at all i couldn't deal with the devastation. Yes, i was going to leave him empty handed , and cold heartedly, i'm a terrible person i know.I woke up to my mother packing all of the house up. I knew this was goint to happen that dad was going to find a better job in America .I decided to take a bath to get my mind off things .I felt the worst my head was throbbing and my heart was breaking .The part that kills me  about all this is that the day that i leave will be the day before his auditions. 

Three days later.

Time flew by as i put the last box in the moving truck. I remember every single thing since the beginning and now the ending and i know i said I was never going to leave and my life was going to begin and end here but it's too late to but my voice in my parents decisions. It's just too late ..I'm so sorry Harry.  

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