Love Lasts An Eternity

Denee' was just a typical girl and Harry was just a regular boy . They were bestfriends you could never split them. They go through twist and turns but there bond is strong, or at least they think so. But what goes on that might rip them apart? who falls for who? Does someone get hurt or go missing? . who is harry saying this too?,"Love Last an Eternity," Harry smirks. Does anyone die?


5. Awry feel

Everything was off lately. Sammy wouldn't even make contact with me and Harry wasn't telling me something I could tell because he acts really weird and I feel like there's a hole and he isn't telling me anything or something that I need know . I decided to be cunning and trick him into feeling obligated to tell me. This was my duty and I wasn't leaving him alone until he told me . If he didn't give in I'd just black mail him . I came up with the best plan he would tell me ...
Mean while ... It was saturday morning I called Sam . " hey Sam ." I smiled . "Hi." He said shakily .
"What's wrong?" I questioned . " nothing that needs to worry you, love ." He replied back firmly. "Yes, some that does need to bother me ." I replied. He breath lightly into the phone knowing what was coming. " well... Why are you not talking to me " I paused. " there's a reason to it all sweetheart... " he explained slowly. I knew something wasn't right I listened to him explain it all to me . " Harry DID WHAT TO YOU?!" I yelled .Perfect timing Harry walked in . " oh gosh I'm sorry , I didn't know this happened at all." I sighed. "It's okay , well I'm off to work bye ." Sammy hung up. Harry tried to turn back around but I ran in front of him and closed the door. " hello .." He said . I looked up at him angrily then smiled and kissed him.
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