let me be that guy

this book is about liams littel sister Kim. liam is verry protective of his sister but what happens when kim goes to live wiht her borther and his mates and harry and zayn both falll in love wiht her? who will kim chooes?


2. chapther2


I was breing my last bag down when i herad the door i opend my door a saw liam there i give him a big hug and let him in.liam hellped me wiht my bags after that we got into his car. we drived about 5 mintes. 5 mintes later we puilld up into his and the boys houes.liam unlocked the door and we whent in, they had a big places.when we got to the liveing room all the boys where up.they looked at me then at liam then back at me. guys liam said this is my sister kim.

Liam pov:

me and kim walked in siad.kim stoped and looked around then we walked in to the liveing room.

all the boys where up they looke at kim then me then back to kim. i saw how harry and zayns eyes NEVER stoped looking at kim, guys i siade this is my sister kim. the boys all intordous them slefls to kim hi im louis,hi im niall,hi im zayn,hi im harry. hi kim said im kim.I saw that zayn and harry where sitll looking at kim i gavie them a look that said try somthing and i will kill you.im verry protective of kim,


we where all  whching tv when liam walked in wiht this girl who is verry beautiful and hot i couldent hellp but look at here i saw that zayn was looking at here too.guys liam said this is my sister kim. man liam has a hot sister.we all said hi but i never stoped looking at her and zyan did not ether.liam gave me and zayn a look that said try somthing and i will kill you.i pretendent i didnt see to look liam gave me all i know way i had to get here befor zayn dose.but theres just one porblime liam is in the way.


I saw liam walk in wiht this verry beautiful and hot girl i couldnt take my eyes off ove her.i saw harry looking at her too.when liam said that the girl was his sister i was happy she was not his girlfraind.liam gaiv me and harry a look that said try something and i will kill you.i pretendt i did see him all i konw was i had to get her befor harry dose. but thers one poeblem liams in the way.


I saw the way liam look at zayn and harry. i kind of think harry are zayn are both cuiet.but i dont think liam is going to be leting me get to close to zayn or harry.

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