let me be that guy

this book is about liams littel sister Kim. liam is verry protective of his sister but what happens when kim goes to live wiht her borther and his mates and harry and zayn both falll in love wiht her? who will kim chooes?


5. chapthe5


Me and harry walked inside and liam looked really tiked off. Then we when we gotin liam said harry i need to talk  to you. omg i hope that he did not here harry say he liked me or see that he was about to kiss me.


when we wlaked in liam looked ticked off then he said he need to talk to me. I looked at zayn whit a what the hekc did you tell him look and he just smailed. i know zayn likes here he just wants me to be on liams bad side so he can go out whith kim.


Harry falowd me to the back room and i colesed the door and it took everything i haid not to go off on him. harry i side as callm as i could what where you and kim doing out there alone whit nooneeles there. i was just tlaking to here. really so why where you so close to her face! i said whit my vosies geting a liitle more louder. becau she could not here me. really harry you make up the most stupied of lies. ya maybe i do. i wlked off before i blow up one him.


KIM came a satnext to me hey zayn she side hey kim i could not help but get lost in her beautiiful brown eyes. kim i said yes i know we just me but you are really beautiful  and i like you alot i like you to zayn. just than liam walked in look really tickedoff im going outside he said and he walked awya. then harry walked in and satdow on the other side of kim. im so glad that harry has not asked kim out yet.

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