let me be that guy

this book is about liams littel sister Kim. liam is verry protective of his sister but what happens when kim goes to live wiht her borther and his mates and harry and zayn both falll in love wiht her? who will kim chooes?


7. chapter7


i woke up the next moning and whent downe stares and the boys where not there i whent in to the kitchen and saw a note

kaye we got called  to the stodeo be back at 8 eleanor will be by at 1 so you to can meet.

i know liam wrote the note becuas he is the only one who knows my nickname. yeah cant wait to see eleanor i know here and louis are dateing and she looks  like a nice pearsone. i look at the time and it was 12:56. i qukleay whent up staries and whent to my room i looked in my closet i took out a skirt and a babby blue t shirt and so red convers i lade them out on my bed and tooke a shower. i got out and put my cotheos on and i put my wet hair into a bun and but some makeup on but not to much just a little i put my shoes one and just as i got down staires there was a knok at the door. i answed it and there stold eleanor. hi i'm eleanor! hi i'm kim! she pulde me into a big huge. hi kim you must be liams sister. yes i am. we sat downe and talked for a whil. so kim want to go to the mall eleanor asked. sure let me live a not for the boys. ok. boys whent to the mall whit eleanor be back. afeter that we walked out and go in to eleanors car and stared driving to the mall. i can tell we are going to be really good freinds. in the car me and eleanor was talkeing me and here are bffs now she asked me if i liked anye of the boys and i said i kind of like harry and zayn. i told her what happend and asked here for helpe and she said to go whit whoever you think is righ.after that we got to the mall and whent in


iwrok up in the moring and i was the only one up so i went down staires a watched sso tv. a few mintes later my phone whent of it was uncle simon he needs me and to boys to go to the stoudieos to recuried our song fore our new albem. so i went to the boys room to get them all up then i whent to my room to get dreesed. i went back down staire and almost all the boys where there zayn all ways takes the longest. after zayn was done we where about to liev when zayn  said what about kim? i will live a note i saide

    kaye we got called into the stidos be back at 8 eleanor will bethere at 1 so you to can meet.

i left it on the conter in the kichen and we leffted.

after we where done at the stodieos we whent back home. kim wher home! i said as we walked in there was no answere so i whent to her room she was not ther. i was stating to worie when louis found a not it was forme kim louis read it out loud it said boys whent to the mall whit eleanor be back. aftere that we whent to the liveing room and to whaiched some tv. aa hour later the door openend and i herad kim and eleanor tlakeing. thene they both walked in to the liveing room hi! we all said to them. louis whent to eleanor and kissed her then they whent to sit downe. kim can and sait down whit zayn.



we where all whating tv whene kim an eleanor came in. kim looked really hot whit her babby blue shirt and skirt. we all said hi to theme than eleanor whent to to go sit whit louis. i was just whacthing kim. then kim whent to go sit down there was a sopt right nexts to me then there was a spot right nexts to zayn. she when to go sit down nexts to zayn. i looked at zayn and e just smialed at me. i want  kim to be mine so i will ask  here to go as my date to the move premer.


eleanor and kim walked in. i saw kim and she lookd so hot and beautiful in her babbyblue shirt and skirt. kiam came and sait next to me.  kim laide her heaeade on me and she fail to sleep. she looked so beautiful whin she is sleeping. i could tell harry was jelus. i wanted to ask her out then i rembered we had a premer we are going to tomore  i can ask her tomeore to be my dat to the premeir. liam came by and got kim and  took her to her room.

liame came back down and i asked him if i could tgalke to him and he said ok.we walked into the kitcen to talke liam? yeah. would you be ok if i asked kim to go out whit me. liame looked at me and did not xsay anithing for a minte then he said yes its fine. i smaild and told hime thank you. but he said if you hert kim in anyway i will kill you. i will never haret kim. we walked back into the liveing room i had a smail on me faces and harry looking at me whit a what the h*** did you ask him look. afeter that we all whent to bed i cant wait to ake kim out tomore hopefully she will say yes.

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