let me be that guy

this book is about liams littel sister Kim. liam is verry protective of his sister but what happens when kim goes to live wiht her borther and his mates and harry and zayn both falll in love wiht her? who will kim chooes?


6. chapter6


im so confused i told harry that i liked him and i just told zayn that i liked him. thay are bothe cuite and i like both of them may be if i go lay downe it will help me. goodnight guys i said im going to sleep. ok goodnight kim the boys side.


After i cooled of and did not feill like killing harry i walked im side and notes that kim was not there. where is kim i asked the boys. she is upstaire in her room louis said ok. i went up staire and koked on kims door yes she side its me kim can i come in. yes i walked in sied and she was laying downe in here bed i could tell that some thing was wrong. whats wrong kim.nothing. i kknow something is worng what is it? its nothing ok. ok. well goodnight kim . good night liam .love you little sis love you to big bor. i walked out and went to my room and whent to sleep


liam did not come back downe so im gessing that he whent to sleep. goodnight guys im going to sleep.ok goodnight.



i whent to up a liitle bit afther zayn whent to sleep. i just could not get kim out of my mind.

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