let me be that guy

this book is about liams littel sister Kim. liam is verry protective of his sister but what happens when kim goes to live wiht her borther and his mates and harry and zayn both falll in love wiht her? who will kim chooes?


3. chapter3


Afther meeting the boys liam hleped me get my bags form the car.then he took me to where my room was.my room was in the midddle of his and louis room niall next to his acroos form liams room was harrys and next to his was zayns.liam put my bags down and left me to unpack.5 mintes later i whent to the liveing room all the boys where there but liam was not. wheres liam? i asked the boys. in his room naill said. ok i said back as i went to sit down next to harry beacus there was no where to sit. hey kim harry said hey harry i said afther about 2 mints of slinec kim harry asked yes? i siad would you like to come sit outside wiht me he asked sure i said.


About 5 mintes later kim came into the liveing room. she asked where liam was naill told here he was in his room she said ok and came to sit next to me. we sated talkeing a the whole time me and kim where talkiing i saw zayn geiving me dirte looks the whole time . so i deside to tick zayn off a bit by asking her to come outside wiht me and she side yes. when we got outside i looked into her beautiful brown eyes. kim i side looking in to her eyes. yes she said. i know we have only just meet today but i really like you i said. i like you to harry kim said.


harry just tolde me he liked me and i saide i like you'


Afther the boys siad hi to kim me and her whent to the car to get her bags and i shold her wher her room was after that i left her to unpack her stuf. I i whent to my room to get my phone then i whent to see if kim was done unpacking she was not in her room she musted be in the liveing room. i whent to the liveing room and saw all the boys but not harry or kim i stared to get wired about kim. wheres kim and harry? i asked the boys they whent out side zayn said. i went outsiad and you will never geust what i saw.


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