black and white

Life isn't always black and white sometimes good and bad cross paths will Sophie and Dan whom have been friends since they can remember. when a problem comes their way will they stick together or will it pull them apart.


1. Best friends


"Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you  happy birthday to Sophie happy birthday to you." 

I Rolled over and opened my eyes only to see my best friend Dan looking at me with that cute half smile on his face..

"God what time is it." I asked still tired and trying to go back to sleep.

"Its 7.00 am and you should probably get up cause we gotta get to school plus I'm betting that you don't really want to see your mum today of all days."

"Good point." I say Jumping out of bed.

You see me and my mum don't get on that well we are always falling out, Dad died when I was 7 in a car crash so since then its always been me and mum.

I shooed Dan out of the room and started to get dressed. I put on some black ripped jeans a black vest top and my red converse I Ran down the stairs trying not to wake my mum up grabbed my phone, my bag and my keys and ran out he door with Dan following.

"Ok so what do you want to do we still have and hour before school and its only and two minute walk down the road." I asked

"Lets go to my house mum made pancakes."  Dan said smiling because he knew that I couldn't reuse pancakes.

"Dan If I knew that We were going to your house we could have just climbed out of my window climbed into the tree and then threw your window I mean that's how you got into my house today an every other time you've decided to wake me up or pay me a visit in the night."I said with a smile on my face remembering the times that hes woken me up.

"True but then we have to try and be quiet when the branches stretch towards your demon mothers bedroom."

"OK OK but can we go get pancakes now."

Yes come on I'll give you piggy back."

Yes" I screamed like a little Kid

and with that I got a 5 second piggy back to Dan's front door when we went to the kitchen and was greeted with pancakes 

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