One of them

I never believed that a day can change your life- turn it upside down. But now that I've got nothing I realise how I always took life for granted.


1. The colours vanish

 My mother, father and Luther. Huddling into the blanket, I wish I could disappear. Although the fire's burning, I still feel cold. Mrs Martine should be back soon. She said she would call one of Mum's friends and ask if they can look after me. I insisted many times that I can take care of myself, but Mrs Martine is very stubborn. I'm about to doze off, after a very long, hard day, when Mrs Martine returns with someone. The woman is probably in her late 30s and has blond hair, big blue eyes and is wearing a long dark coat. The memory comes back. The time she visited when I was little. She gazes at me with her tender eyes filled with concern. Glancing up at her, I manage an almost-smile. She holds out her hand as if inviting me forward, but the kind gesture is almost too much for me. Finally, it's Mrs Martine who speaks, "Thereasa, this is Mrs Hill, your Mum's frie-"

"Yeah, I know." The anger I've felt all day, escapes. I know her. Mrs Hill just smiles, "Call me Holly!" I smile back at her. After a while she checks her watch, "Well, Thereasa and I best be getting home!"

"Ofcourse! Can't hold you up! Goodbye Thereasa! I'll miss you! You were such great neighbours." I swear I see tears in Mrs Martine's eyes. I'm surprised that I'm also very close to tears for the first time today. Getting up, I give her a hug.


 The first two hours of the journey pass in silence. "You're not a talker, are you?" I'm jerked awake by Holly's voice. "Huh?" She smiles at my confusion. "Don't worry, you'll like it at my place!" I try to cheer up, but it doesn't work. The colours from my world have vanished. After a total of four hours we arrive at Holly's house in Bunsen Green. Exhausted and anxious, I intend to go to sleep as soon as I enter the house.

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