Missing, Loving, Trusting.

This story is about a girl named Lauren, everything is perfect in her life, she has her best friend, Gabby, her boyfriend, Mark, she's the popular one in school, she's even grown up with Niall from 1D, and she has anything she could ever want! But what happens when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, and now her bestfriend has moved to America, who will she turn to?


9. You are joking?

The days went by and each day, me and the boys grew closer and closer in friendship. We got to know each other really well, and had some great laughs. One day Gabby found out that Harry liked me, and as being best friends, she casually walked out the room and came to tell me straight away. I was sitting on the bed when Gabby came rushing in, "Lauren, Lauren!" i turned around, "What?"

"Guess what i found out?"

"What?" i said.

"Harry-" she took a breath. "told me he likes you!" she said in one go. I just looked at her.

"You're joking, right?"

"No!" she gave me a cheesy smile. I looked at the door behind her where i saw Niall peeking through, i stood up, "Nialler.." i sighed. i walked towards the door, he ran off into the room where Harry and the rest of the boys now were. I stood behind him.

"Just to let you all know, Lauren is completely off limits. No-one-" He looked Harry in the eye, "And i mean No-one, is to go out with her." Harry looked at me, i couldn't look him in the eye, i didn't have feelings for him, even if it was true that he liked me, i still don't think i would be able to like him back, because... because i liked Niall.

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