Missing, Loving, Trusting.

This story is about a girl named Lauren, everything is perfect in her life, she has her best friend, Gabby, her boyfriend, Mark, she's the popular one in school, she's even grown up with Niall from 1D, and she has anything she could ever want! But what happens when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, and now her bestfriend has moved to America, who will she turn to?


27. That Was Beautiful..!

The helicopter landed and we got out to family and friends cheering. We entered the building where the after party was.

Everyone danced, talked, and congratulated me and Niall on our wedding day. 

It was a great atmosphere. When it was time to have something to eat, Niall went and stood up on the stage where everyone could see him like he did when he proposed. He clinked his glass to get everyone's attention.

When everyone hushed down he began to speak. 

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who turned up today to celebrate mine and Lauren's special day. And can i say Lauren, you look beautiful, as usual!"

Everyone made an "Aww" sound as i just giggled.

"This isn't as long as i wanted it to be but here goes..."

"Me and Lauren grew up together. We've had many memories, i've seen her happy, sad, excited, anything you could ever be. I had always loved her, but when i told her, she didn't believe me. Bare this in mind that I was 5 years old."

Everyone laughed.

"I've been hurt by Lauren a few times as she turned into a teenager, giving me attitude, telling me she didn't want to speak to me again after an argument, but nothing- nothing hurt me more than the day she came home sobbing. Why was she sobbing? Because... Because some stupid boy had used her, he hadn't seen the beauty and talent and personality this girl has. And now he's missed out. He's missed out on having the most beautiful girl ever. And i'm glad he did. If he hadn't have missed out, then i wouldn't of have her. So i just want to say now, and you are my witnesses,"

He pointed to everyone watching.

"Lauren, as we grow old together, we might argue and disagree, but i want you to know,"

He looked me in the eyes.

"I will always love you. And nothing can ever change that."

I started to fill up with tears. 

Niall came back and sat beside me. 

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too." I smiled.

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