Missing, Loving, Trusting.

This story is about a girl named Lauren, everything is perfect in her life, she has her best friend, Gabby, her boyfriend, Mark, she's the popular one in school, she's even grown up with Niall from 1D, and she has anything she could ever want! But what happens when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, and now her bestfriend has moved to America, who will she turn to?


14. Leaving The House For The First Time

The next morning i got a shower, i brushed my hair for once and chose some clothes to wear for tonight. The day went on, i talked to Niall most of the day, to catch up on what i missed. He told me that he and the boys had released a new single called 'Live While We're Young' I didn't know anything about it because i had been cooped up in my room all the time. Now i knew what i had missed. I went upstairs to get ready, i got changed and done up my make-up. I curled my hair and let it down. When i was done, i went downstairs to Niall, "What do you think?" i asked jokily.

"I think you need to take that make-up off right now." I looked at him in astonishment. "Because you're beautiful without it."

I ran over to him and jumped on him, "I love you Niall."

"I love you too."

I left the house and got a taxi into town, i met Gabby and a few friends in a nightclub. First we sat and had a few drinks and chatted, then we got up on the dance floor. I can't dance and i knew i couldn't but once i was having fun, it was like there was no-one else in the room, just me, Gabby and my other friends, all that counted  was that i was having fun, nothing else. We danced to a variety of songs, then i heard 'Live While We're Young' come on! We had a great night, we didn't get drunk, we just had a few drinks. When we decided to go home, Gabby got the taxi to her nan's house where she was staying in Ireland and i got the taxi home, when i arrived i put my key in the lock but it didn't fit so i knocked, a man opened the door, i had never seen him before, "Who are you and why are you in my house?!" i screamed. The man looked at me and told me the house was his, i immediately remembered everything. I rang up Niall and he picked up, "Hello?" He said from the other end. 

"Can you come and pick me up?" I said tearfully.

"What's wrong? And where are you?" He asked worriedly.

"My house... I mean, i don't know where i am." H put the phone down on me and within 5 minutes he was there. He held me in his arms, me crying, in the middle of the street. "Shhh" He kept hushing me. We got in the back of the taxi. When we arrived an Niall's house we both went straight to bed. A few hours later i woke up crying after having a dream- well more of a memory from when i was little. I creeped into Niall's room, "Niall?" i whispered as i got into his bed. He turned around to face me. "C'mon." He held me in his arms and sang 'More Than This' to me until i fell asleep.

This is why i loved Niall, he was so sweet, perfect boyfriend material, i don't ever want to leave him and i hope he never leaves me, i want us to live together forever...

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