Missing, Loving, Trusting.

This story is about a girl named Lauren, everything is perfect in her life, she has her best friend, Gabby, her boyfriend, Mark, she's the popular one in school, she's even grown up with Niall from 1D, and she has anything she could ever want! But what happens when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, and now her bestfriend has moved to America, who will she turn to?


2. I Can Tell You Anything


I eventually calmed down. I sat up on my bed and got out my phone, I started typing a message to Gabby;


To; BFF Gabby<333

'Hey Gabby, you having a good time in America? Everything's good here. :) Love you and miss you! Xxx

-Lauren xxx'


I didn't want to worry her. Just as i sent it, i got a text message;


From; One true love, Mark<3


'I'm so sorry.'


I immediatly blocked his number, i didn't want anything to do with him anymore. I washed my face and walked downstairs slowly. I walked into the living room, where my dad, Maura (Niall's mum) and Niall were. Me and Niall had grown up together. My mum and Maura were very close friends, well, that was until Mum passed away. But they've been really supportive since. I plonked myself down on the double couch in silence. My dad looked at me, “What was with the big entrance, Lauren?” i shugged. I didn't want to talk about it.

Okay, well if you need to talk about anything, i'm here you know!” i forced a smile out of myself, then plodded back up to my room. I sat myself on stool, facing my mirror. I put my fingers on my lips, remembering that first ever kiss with Mark... I started having flashbacks of all the good times we had together. A tear rollled down my cheek. Just one tear. No more. Just one. I saw the refelction of Niall entering my bedroom and sitting on my bed. I joined him. “Are you sure you're okay?” Niall asked.

I'm sure.” i assured him. He looked me in the eyes.

What's he done this time?”

I looked at him in schock. “What?” i asked.

I've known you long enough to tell when something's wrong. I can see it in your eyes.” He put a loose bit of my blondish hair behind my ear. I told him everthing that had happened back at Marks house, i stuggled, but i told him eventully. By now i was crying my heart out, Niall just held me close, “Shhhh, everything's going to be okay, shhh.”

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