Missing, Loving, Trusting.

This story is about a girl named Lauren, everything is perfect in her life, she has her best friend, Gabby, her boyfriend, Mark, she's the popular one in school, she's even grown up with Niall from 1D, and she has anything she could ever want! But what happens when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, and now her bestfriend has moved to America, who will she turn to?


13. Hiding

The days went on, then weeks, then months, i hardly spoke to anyone. I didn't want to. 

Maura came up to the spare room where i was staying in Niall's house. "Hey there. You feeling okay? Do you want anything to eat?" She asked gently, i sat up off the bed and looked at her. "No thanks," i shook my head, "I'm fine." 

"Okay, well if you change your mind just ask, hun." She smiled at me. I turned to face the mirror, i looked at my tatty blondish hair, i hadn't brushed or washed it in over a week. My eyes had bags under them from the lack of sleep, it was horrible. I picked up my phone and turned it on for the first time in months, it was unbelievable how many messages i had. I read most of them, they were mostly messages saying how sorry they were and how they would come and visit as soon as they could. I didn't believe a word, they never would come to visit. I heard my stomach rumble. I stood up and went downstairs for the first time in days. I heard laughing coming from the living room. I had forgotten about Niall, i hadn't spoke to him in days, or even seen him! I walked into the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. i walked into the living room slowly eating my sandwich. I saw Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn sat on the couch, talking and laughing. I quietly snook past them and sat on the other couch. I had got away with it, none of them saw me. Well, that's what i thought. "Hey Lauren!" I heard several voices say.

"Hey." i said quietly as i looked up, i caught Niall's eyes. He smiled at me. My bum randomly started vibrating, i started looking around to see what was going on, but then i realised, my phone was in my back pocket. I took it out, it was a message from Gabby;

From; BFF Gabby<333

Hey Lauren, you feeling okay? Just wanted to let you know i'm in Ireland for the week so maybe you and me could hand out? How about the usual time usual place tomorrow? :D

-Gabby xxxxx

I didn't know what to do, as much as i wanted to go, i couldn't bear the thought. I sat in silence when i heard a voice beside me, "Go."

I looked up in shock, It was Niall. "What?" i asked confused.

"Go. You need a break, escape from reality. Go."

Niall was right, i did need a break, i couldn't stay hiding in my shell for the rest of my life. I gave it some thought. I created a new message.


To; BFF Gabby<333

Yeah! Great idea! Can't wait! See you tomorrow!

-Lauren xxxx


I sent the message. Oh how i regretted doing that.

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