30 Messages

Everyone Thinks Delilahs Dead.
But Shes Not.
Who Said She Was Dead.
Will She Get Hurt?


4. Why? it was you want it.

Chapter 4

I slowly walk down stairs; it can’t be mum and dad there not due back from India until next weekend. 


I turn the door knob.

‘’Delly’’ shouts a voice

I open the door.

It’s Willem.

‘’thankgoodnes’’ he says.

I pull him in quickly, before anybody see’s.

‘’so you’re not dead’’ he asks confused

I smile sarcastically

‘’what’d you think’’ I ask laughing

He hugs me tightly, and I hug back, it feels weird, but I enjoy it.

We pull away.

‘’on facebook it says your dead’’ he says

‘’I know, tom told me’’

We walk into my lounge and I pull the laptop out from under the sofa, the normal place I keep it when I can’t be bothered to put it back.

Willem logs into facebook and shows me the page.

Its full off ‘rip Delilah’ messages.

Willem looks at me.

‘’the page was set up by, um’’

I follow his finger down the screen.

Tom Gregory.

‘’what’’ I say gobsmacked

‘’but, he’s my best friend’’ I say

Willem grabs my hand, he rubs it slowly.

‘’ I don’t understand’’

I grab my phone out off my pocket.



Why tom?

It was you want it?


A tear slowly creeps down my face.

Willem wipes it away.

He grabs my face.

‘’forget him Delly, you’ve got me’’ he says

And the next thing, were kissing.

We both break away, and then, were kissing again.

My first kiss and it’s exactly how I imagined it.

Soft and beautiful.




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