30 Messages

Everyone Thinks Delilahs Dead.
But Shes Not.
Who Said She Was Dead.
Will She Get Hurt?


7. Who are you?

Chapter 7

The next thing I know, I’m in a room.

When I open my eyes I hear a voice

‘’ Doctor, Doctor she’s awake’’, I look to my side, sitting there is a boy

‘’now you had us scared’’ says the doctor  in an Irish accent.

‘’w, w, w, what happened’’ I ask

‘’the ambulance crashed’’ says the boy

‘’who are you’’ I ask

‘’it’s me Willem, look’’ says the boy called Willem

I look at him, I can lightly remember him

‘’you go my high school’’ I say

‘’Delly, I was in the ambulance with you’’ he says holding my hand

‘’but how come your not hurt’’ I ask

Willem lifts up his leg, a blue cast is covering his foot, and it goes all the way up to his knee

‘’I broke my ankle and leg’’ he says

‘’what’s wrong with me’’ I ask

‘’you also, you both broke the same part of your body’’ says the nurse with the Irish accent

‘’but why were we in the ambulance’’ I ask another question

‘’do you not remember’’ asks the boy

‘’no’’ I say shaking my head.


The truth is, I remember exactly what happened, but I’d rather forget about it, I knew who Willem was, I just made it look like I’d forgotten.

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