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Everyone Thinks Delilahs Dead.
But Shes Not.
Who Said She Was Dead.
Will She Get Hurt?


8. Pretty plain

Final Chapter

The next day I was discharged out of hospital and taken home, I saw mum and dad waiting at the door, yes that meant the police had put the door back up.

‘’Delilah, are you ok’’ ask mum as me and Willem walk through the door.

‘’the police told us everything’’ says my dad

‘’I don’t think Delly remembers anything’’ says Willem

‘’I’m fine mum, and yeh I don’t remember what happened, I couldn’t even remember who Willem was’’ I say laughing, but also lying

‘’hi, I don’t believe we’ve met’’, says Willem shaking hands with my parents

‘’I’m Willem Rowe’’ he says

He smiles at me.

‘’come on you two, sit down and show us your cast’s

A hopple over to the sofa and put my foot up, showing my pink cast, Willem sit on the other end of the sofa and shows his blue cast.

‘’would you look at you too, you look like twins’’ says my dad

We both burst out laughing, dad takes a picture.

He says he’s going to get 3 printed off, one for him and mum to keep, one for me and one for Willem.

‘’shall I take you home Willem’’ asks my dad

‘’actually, I was wondering if I could stay over, I mean if it’s alright with you’’ he says

‘’any friend like you is welcome to stay over whenever they want’’ says my mum.

Me and Willem both hopple upstairs with are crutches.

We both sit on the bed putting our feet up, and leaning on then wall.

I look around the room, there are no pictures of Tom, my room looks pretty plain, but, I like it this way.

Willem looks me in the eyes.

We hold hands.

And once more, were kissing.



The end

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