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Everyone Thinks Delilahs Dead.
But Shes Not.
Who Said She Was Dead.
Will She Get Hurt?


2. Georgia's Death

Chapter 2

There was a loud knock on the door,

‘’Delilah, thank god’’ said tom giving me a massive hug.

I stud there, deep down I was a bit disappointed because part of me thought it might be Willem, but at least someone was here to tell me what’s happened.

‘’Are you ok, hurt, I’ll?’’ he said I a hurry.

‘’No I’m fine’’ I whispered.

We walked into the kitchen where he sat down at the breakfast table.

‘’Everyone thinks you’re dead’’ he tells me,

‘’why’’ I ask,

‘’on Facebook there’s a hole page dedicated to your death, but….’’ He trailed off.

‘’I’m not dead though’’ I laughed,

‘’but everyone thinks you are’’ he said seriously,

He grabbed my hand under the table, i looked at him and let go.

‘’I….I…..I was so sad’’ he stammered,

I stud up and push the chair back under the table, and walked over to the dresser,

‘’you think someone did this as a joke don’t you’’ he said,

‘’well, yeah, I s’pose, I mean why would someone say I was dead if I wasn’t’’.

I picked up a picture of my sister when she was my age, 13.

I stroked her face, a tear fell down my face.

My sister had died in 2010, it was only 3 years ago and mum and dad are still depressed over it, I cry myself to sleep every night.

Georgia was like my best friend, well actually she probably was my best friend, Until she was killed.



It was Halloween and she was out with her mates ‘trick or treating’, that was the last time I saw her.

She went to a house and knocked on the door, a man answered and pulled her inside.

That’s all my parent would tell me, they say I’m too young to no, but I have a pretty good Idea of what happened that night.


‘’Dell’’ Tom shouts from the kitchen,

‘’What’’ I say turning around,

‘’I better go now, stay safe yeah’’

‘’of course, stop worrying, I’ll be fine’’ I lied.

I was scared, very scared.

Somebody wanted me dead, I knew it.

But who?

And why?

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