30 Messages

Everyone Thinks Delilahs Dead.
But Shes Not.
Who Said She Was Dead.
Will She Get Hurt?


5. Drinking coke in the kitchen

Chapter 5


My phone vibrates making us both jump.

Someone else telling me to ‘RIP’.

‘’do you wanna drink’’ I ask Willem

‘’yeh, have you got any cola’’ he says

He follows me into the kitchen.

I pour both of us a glass of coke.

I jump up onto the work top and sit there swinging my legs.

Willem stands in front of me.

‘’On Halloween, do you wanna stay over’’ I ask

‘’it’s just that Tom was meant to’’ I say with a cuteness in my voice

‘’of course I will’’ says Willem

We finish our coke and then Willem leaves.

I’m scared again now.

I grab the laptop and run upstairs.

Willem was still logged onto facebook, but before I logged out for him, I couldn’t resist having a quick look around.

A small ‘pop’ sound.

At the bottom of the screen there was a message from Tom.

Tom; she’s Dead Willem, D.E.A.D

I scrolled up to the start of the chat.

Tom; Delly’s Dead!

Willem; what?

Tom; its true

Willem; I’m going round

Tom; NO

Willem was right, tom wanted me dead, but why.

I spent Friday alone, Willem was at school, but he was coming round tonight, he’s staying over because it’s Halloween.

‘’hey’’ I say opening the door.

Willem is standing there with a massive bag.

‘’how long are you staying for’’ I ask sarcastically

He dumps the bag in the hallway.

And we both race upstairs.

I open my bedroom door, ‘’sorry about the mess’’ I say.

We sit down at the end of the bed and I turn the TV channel over to Viva.

I turn up the volume, and we listen to the ‘Top 40’.

And suddenly again, were kissing.

We lie back onto the bed.

We start to laugh.

I pull Willem’s school tie off and wrap it around my head.

We lie side by side.

Willem try’s to grab his school tie.

I duck my head side to side.

And were kissing.

 ‘’Delly’’ I hear a voice shout.

I look at Willem, it wasn’t him.



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