30 Messages

Everyone Thinks Delilahs Dead.
But Shes Not.
Who Said She Was Dead.
Will She Get Hurt?


6. But its Halloween

Chapter 6

My bedroom door opens.

‘’Tom’’ I shout.

 ‘’what were you doing’’ asks tom.

‘’nothing’’ says Willem.

‘’you said I was dead tom, you told everyone’’ I say scared and angry.

‘’I only said it, so I could have you’’

‘’what’’ I ask

‘’I love you, Delly’’ says tom.

‘’but I don’t love you tom, you were my best mate, what was wrong with that’’

‘’I couldn’t ever tell you, I was too scared I’d break our friendship’’.

‘’and you didn’t think saying she was dead would’’ says Willem.

‘’ you would still be my best friend, but you’ve blown it now’’ I say crying

 ‘’just go tom’’ I say

‘’but its Halloween’’ he says angry.

Tom puts his hand in his coat pocket.

He lifts out a long sharp silver object.

‘’I didn’t think I’d have to use this’’ he says

‘’Tom stop, your only 14’’ I say scared.

I grab Willem’s Hand.

Tom aims the knife at me.

‘’tom, no, don’t do this’’ says Willem as scared as I am.

But tom doesn’t listen.

‘’you’ll both be dead in a minute, so I suggest you both do what I say’’.

My grip tightens on Willem’s hand.

Tom changes the direction of the knife from me to Willem and then back to me again.

I can feel my phone under my thigh, I slowly and safely dial 999 and let it ring.

‘’tom just put the knife down’’ I shout, loud enough so everyone could hear.

‘’no, I’m going to kill you both, if I cant have you, nobody can’’ say tom the grip on the knife gets tighter.

Suddenly I hear sirens, tons and tons of sirens.

‘’you called them’’ says tom, pointing the knife at me.

‘’I didn’t do anything tom’’ I say

‘’so it was you then’’ he points the knife to Willem

I hear my front door being bashed to the floor, footsteps race upstairs, they grab tom.

‘’drop the knife, lad’’ they say

‘’no they are both going to die’’ he says, tom throws the knife, me and Willem duck out off the way, and it hits a picture of me and tom.

The picture falls to the ground, glass shattering everywhere.

The police pull tom away.

An ambulance medic comes in and checks if me and Willem are ok, them puts us both in the Ambulance just in case.

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