The Fight For The Movellas Throne

In the kingdom of Movellas, King Jordan Philips ruled over the people, and everyone was happy. Until, that is, the neighboring kingdom, the land of the Directioners, declared war. Townsfolk were forced into hiding, and soon the Royals of the Kingdom had disappeared. Few must rise up, to help conquer the Directioners once and for all, and find the Royals of Movellas!

WARNING: This is an anti-One Direction fiction. I'm very much against them in my writing, so please don't have a go at me, saying 'How could you say that?' because IT'S A BIT OF A JOKE. NO OFFENCE INTENDED. THANKS. Anyways, enjoy!


8. Told you so...

As you may well recall in Chapter 5, I did in fact warn you to stop reading this movella just before the awesome leader Adam left, and news of Larky's disappearance also came to be. Now, assuming that you are a movellian, this is another point where you may wish to put whatever device you are reading this on down, and go and re-read a book where some positive things actually happen - perhaps one of the over-fanciful FanFictions clogging up this site at the time of my writing this. I say that, because, well, let's face it; there is currently nothing at all happy or even vaguely pleasant taking place in these small, few chapters. Back at the base, a few weeping movellians are left alone, scared, and frightened. While up at the palace, a few weeping movellians are also left alone, scared and frightened - along with a few royals, whom, I can assure you, are equally scared, alone, and frightened. I merely placed this paragraph here as a small warning to put most people off, so that anyone who dares to read on will be brave enough to cope with the horrors ahead. Now, quick! Close this movella down and go and read the Harry Potter series in its entirety all over again, or The Hunger Games Trilogy, or  Divergent or The Fault in Our Stars*, and if you haven't already, then what have you been doing all your life? Scram!


*Okay, maybe, when recommending books in which dreadful rings do not happen, that last one was a bad example, but you the the picture.

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