The Fight For The Movellas Throne

In the kingdom of Movellas, King Jordan Philips ruled over the people, and everyone was happy. Until, that is, the neighboring kingdom, the land of the Directioners, declared war. Townsfolk were forced into hiding, and soon the Royals of the Kingdom had disappeared. Few must rise up, to help conquer the Directioners once and for all, and find the Royals of Movellas!

WARNING: This is an anti-One Direction fiction. I'm very much against them in my writing, so please don't have a go at me, saying 'How could you say that?' because IT'S A BIT OF A JOKE. NO OFFENCE INTENDED. THANKS. Anyways, enjoy!


3. Chapter 2

Sighing, the girl briskly turned from Romance, one of the many smaller sections of the Movellas Kingdom, and found herself in the centre of Movellas, complete with it's non-existent, huge shimmering golden quill pen statue, resting on an equally shiny book. The reason I say non-existent, is simply because it no longer existed. Torn down long ago, an even larger statue, of five cruel, heartless fools now stood there, a shower of gold at their feet. New coins were tossed at the statues everyday, and anyone who didn't contribute with a small fee would end up paying an even bigger one. Directioners collected the loot once a week, then deposited it in the treasury, one the main features of the castle.

A tall, stone structure, the castle had been built centuries ago (that's a good 1000 years at least today, dear reader) and had previously sailed a large, turquoise blue flag, depicting a large "m" - the crest of a Movellian. However, it now featured five, hideous faces, all with far too much fake an and teeth whitener on. One looked as though it had never clapped eyes on a hairbrush, resulting in a mess of brown curls. Another's hair clearly contained far too much gel, since it was spiked up at ludicrous angles. The third was fair, with a few gaps in his pearly white teeth, while the fourth was a messy brunette, rather like the first. The fifth was tanned, toned, and perfect. Too perfect. Sickeningly perfect.Which is why they were all so successful.

They had almost every girl's heart, and every man's respect.

There were few that weren't under this spell, however, including those in the scene we are currently following.

The girl we shall concentrate on for now, was known as Izzy. She, like most, knew movellas like the back of her hand but also, unlike most, didn't immediately head for the land marked "Fan Fiction". Feeling around in her pockets, she managed to pull out what she had been looking for. A feather, shiny silver in colour, unlike any bird's, with a silver metal tip for writing.

This was her quill. Quills meant everything to the Movellians, as it was always the first thing they received upon arrival. Each unique to the next, they held all ideas, plots, prologues and plans specifically dedicated to the writer who possessed it. Without them, an author had no hope of writing a thing, and had chance of suffering from Writer's Block, a horrible disease.

Unless prohibited, Writer's Block can be deadly. Their minds tend to become more relaxed, thinking of less and less original stories. Soon, they are reduced to a quivering wreck, pale and alone, driven mad by their own devilish minds. Only to be cured by the thoughts of new ideas, the Directioner's takeover had only made matters worse.

I apologise for going so off topic. Back to Izzy, who had soon spied a fellow secret non-Directioner (the type who blend in well with the crowd, as opposed to those who refer to bear their crest proudly, preferably in a dark alleyway), and hurried over, but not before spitting discretely on the statue. 

"Hey, Gizz!" the other shouted, from across the bustling street. She ran over to Izzy, asking: "What's wrong? You seem a"

"Oh," Izzy sighed. "see, Peace" (for that was her name - Peace and Donuts.) "I'm just sick of Directioners thinking that Fan Fiction belongs in the Romance district!"

"Oh, that..." Peace agreed. "They really need to-" but Peace & Donuts was cut off, for there were sudden screams coming from one corner of the square. Rushing over, Izzy shrieked.

"Peace? I recommend you come and see this..."

Peace came through, pushing endless Directioners aside. She too was equally shocked.

Lying there, pale and cold as ice, were Fairface and Kameka. Imogen was there with them, but no longer on the ground. And the two of them watched in horror as a Movellain - one of their own - was carried off by two burly members of the Directional Patrol, both of whom had a wrench-like grip on her flimsy wrists and ankles.

And that was when they realised that now was a good time to act. 

And fast.

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