Being ME

It's not all humour but most of it is cause its the life of an Allaway how much weirder can it get? ALOT!!!!


1. From when I can remember

Onmy 5th birthday my mum took me to torong park zoo. This part just proves monkeys hate me I had this doll I got from my mum when I was three I was looking at the monkeys and all of a sudden this monkey snatched my doll out of my hand and ate its hair. The zoo keepers went and got but when they gave it to me it was all slobbery and most of its hair was missing. Then I went to these fake gorillas to get my photo taken and this kid (I think she was part troll) she was about my age she gave me this death stare me being an Allaway immediately stuck my finger up she started crying my mum slapped my butt. Other than that it was an awesome day except for the deer eating my furry jacket. WHAT'S WITH THESE ANIMALS AND EATING MY STUFF?! On the ferry home I chucked my doll in the water and shouted PISS OFF YOU DUMB DOLL mum slapped me again what a surprise. Then I took my new toy lion and hugged it the whole way home.
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