Being ME

It's not all humour but most of it is cause its the life of an Allaway how much weirder can it get? ALOT!!!!


3. Already 9

My step brother Ryan was always nice but in a mean way if you get what I mean. He was a good brother but sometimes I wished I could rip his face off at school he used to think he was so cool. When he was actually a bad boy outcast.

Wait Wait Wait isn't this story supposed to be about me not Ryan? Ok.

When I was nine i had NO freinds except for one Abby Courtney I think she was sick of seeing her friend walking around by herself anyway she invited me to hangout with them at this tree that they called the dream tree. Everyday we hung out there this is were Ryan comes in everyday he used to jump the fence until one day they said that they had to build a new fence.
Everyone in the group stopped hanging out with each other except me rosie and Jess we have been freinds ever since.
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