Tell Me This

This is open to interpretation but is quite an obvious message I think...


1. Tell Me This

Poetry is my everything,

It is what I can't live without,

Most are quite good,

But my head was filled with doubt.


You told me to write as I feel,

You told me to follow my dreams,

You said I could make it,

But now you try to take it away from me.


You think I can't make it,

And I thought what you said was true.

But I thought about it ,

And I said to you


If you don't climb the mountain,

How are you ever going to reach the peak?

If you don't follow the rivers,

How are you ever going to reach the sea?


If you don't ask the question,

How are you going to know the facts?

If you don't search through the forest,

How are you going to find the right paths?


So my friend, tell me this,

For I simply do not understand,

If you don't write the poem,

How will you know where you'll land?





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