Love in the Sunlight

Liam and Jordie have been best friends since they were little, they did and told eachother everything, except they both have feelings fo eachother, but they dont know it. But what happens when Liam and Kristy kiss. Will they Makeup, or will their relationship be destroyed.


2. Is this really happening?

Liams P.O.V
I hated seeing her like this.. I walked straight to my locker and grabbed my bag and slowly walked home. I thought about going over and talking to her but I decided now wasn’t a good time. I got home and dropped my bag in the hallway closet. I trudged 

up to my room and went for a shower. I couldn’t get Jordie crying out of my head. I punched the wall. “what did I do!” I said to myself. I got out and got dressed in sweat pants and a plain white tee. I heard someone downstairs and went to see who it was. “Hey Mummmmm!” I ran over and kissed her cheek. “Hey Liammmmm!!” she smiled and handed me a flier. I read it aloud. “X factor auditions held next Sunday 10am – 5pm. Ages 14+.” I smiled and hugged my mum. “thankyou mum!” she laughed and hugged back. “ That’s okay, hey is Jordie still coming over for movie night? I bought all her favourite lollies today.” She asked, completely unaware of what was happening. “Uhh.. Im not entirely sure…” I looked down. “ Something was wrong with her today and she like.. didn’t really talk to me…” She looked shocked. “oh, I’m so sorry Liam I didn’t know. Hows about you go over and talk to her now? Surely she would have calmed down by now?” she rubbed my arm softly. “Yeah, okays.. ill see you later.” I smiled and put the flier on the bench and kissed her cheek and walked over to Jordies… Nervously knocking on the door.

Jordies P.O.V
I was laying on the couch, snuggled into my blankets watching Toy Story. I looked up at the clock. “8:15pm” I laid my head back down, my wrist started hurting quite a bit so I lifted my sleeve a little to air it out, I then started dozing off when I hear a knock at the door. “who could that be?’ I thought to myself as I stood up, pulling my sleeve back down gently. I opened the door. “Hey...” Liam said awkwardly. I was kind of shocked but relieved he was here. “H-Hey.” I replied, stepping to the side o he could come in. We went and sat on the couch. “So… what was wrong today? D-Did I do something?” he asked, concerned, tears started forming in my eyes just thinking about it. “I-…” I choked on my words. “Jordie?” Liam looked worried now. “N-Nothing.. it’s fine..” I said, looking away. “It wasn’t nothing.. Please Jordie.. you can trust me can’t you?” He asked. “W-Well.. yeah.. Liam..” I sighed. “ Liam, for the past 6+ years.. I have loved you.. but.. I knew you didn’t feel the same, so I kept my mouth shut.. and then you kissed her and..” the tears started rolling down my cheeks, I choked again and stood up and went to walk away, but he grabbed my wrist. I whined quietly and pulled my arm away, rubbing my wrist. “W-What?’ he asked, grabbing my arm softly. “Its nothing.” I tried convincing him but he just shook his head, I tried to pull my arm away but he tightened his grip and rolled up my sleeve. His eyes widened and he leant back on the couch. “Why?” he asked, barely voicing it. “I-it helped with the pain… of.. seeing you two kissing…” a few tears rolled down his cheeks. “ Im so sorry.. this is all my fault!” He leant pulled me down on the couch gently and hugged me.. I hugged him back, burying my head in his chest. “I love you too Jordie.. I have for AGES now but I was scared you didn’t feel the same.. so I tried getting with Kristy, but it didn’t feel the same..” he explained, running his fingers through my hair. “R-Really?” I looked up at him. He smiled and leant down and kissed me softly. After a few seconds we both pulled away smiling. I blushed a little and he kissed my forehead. “ Does that answer your question?”
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