Love in the Sunlight

Liam and Jordie have been best friends since they were little, they did and told eachother everything, except they both have feelings fo eachother, but they dont know it. But what happens when Liam and Kristy kiss. Will they Makeup, or will their relationship be destroyed.


1. I can't stand this

Jordies P.O.V
I hate this class, Liam doesn't even acknowledge that I'm even here when he was around Kristy. I glanced over at them, he was acting nerv

ous but i could tell that he had feelings for her... I let out a deep breath and looked away, focusing on my school work. I twirled my pen through my fingers and bit my lip, not being able to shake the image of them together out of my head. I didnt even realise i was crying until Monique softly elbowed my arm. "Whats wrong?" she asked, with a concerned look on her face. " Nothing, im fine." i said, wiping the tears away and choking on my words. I looked back over at him and you could tell that he was flirting with her. I clenched my fists a little and sighed. I put my hand up. " Yes Jordie?" Mr Munro asked. " Can i please go and get a drink?" my voice squeaked, i swallowed hard. "Yes, just dont be to long." i nodded and quickly walked out of class. As soon as i shut the door, the image was still in my mind, the tears started streaming down my face, i slowly walked over to the drinking taps, staring down at them, trying to shake that image out of my head i knelt down and washed my face and had a drink, breathing slowly. I eventually stopped crying and walked back to the class, i walked to my seat quickly, not making any eye contact. Monique looked worried bit i shock my head and forced a smile. "Im fine..." i whispered.

Liams P.O.V
I really like her.. But.. There is something missing.. It feels different when im with Jordie.. I dont know what it is.. But its not the same.. Jordies like... Perfec- 'NO! Liam , you have to stop thinking about her.. She doesn't feel that way about you!' i said to myself under my breathe. I looked at Kristy and smiled, she had her eyes focused over in Jordies direction. She was really pretty though.. Blonde wavy hair, deep green eyes. Dimples.. But it didnt compare to Jordie. I just couldnt get her out of my head.. There was something about her that i loved. Long brown straight hair, brown eyes. It was a simple look but. I dont know, i just loved it. But she wont ever think of me in that way, so i have to stop thinking about her . I was lost in thought when i saw Jordie walk back in the classroom, her cheeks were pink with white tear marks running down her cheeks, her eyes red and slightly puffy. You could tell she had been crying. I wonder what happened. I looked at the clock. '2:58pm' good. Ill talk to her after class. I moved closer to kristy and we started talking, her eyes were locked on Jordie but i didnt think anything of it. I turned my head and saw Jordie looking at me, i smiled nervously and turned back to Kristy. Before i could do anything she grabbed my face and planted her lips on mine. I pulled away after a few seconds and looked up at her, she was staring over my shoulder at Jordie, smiling. I turned around and saw Jordie staring at me crying. '' i thought to myself. Why was she crying? Did i do something?' before i knew it the bell rang. I put my books in my bag and went to walk over to Jordie to ask if she wanted to walk home with me but she ran straight past me. "JORDIE?!" i called out after her, but she kept going. "what did i do?" i whispered to myself.

Jordies P.O.V
Did that just happen? I cant believe it.. Again... Really? He just kissed her... Obviously he seriously doesnt have any feelings for me... I couldnt talk or even look at him yet... It hurts to much.. I heard him call out to me but i didnt stop. I knew what he wanted to talk about. Especially after him kissing her. 'How do i ask her out? Where should i take her? How do i tell her i like her' blah blah.. Thats all we talk about now.. It honestly kills me inside.. But i put up with it.. 
I ran straight home and threw my bag and shoes in my room and collaped on the bathroom floor, not caring anymore so i bursted out in tears. Words cant describe how muchh this hurts. I lifted my head up and hit it back against the wall, i looked around the room and saw my razor over on the sink, i reached up and grabbed it, i looked at it for a second before pulling a blade out, blinking back the tears back i held it against my wrist and pushed down, deeply and running it along my wrist, whincing at the pain, but it helped with the pain... I moved it down and did it a few more times before dropping it on the floor, the tears streamed down my cheeks. I quickly stood up and put my wrist under the water. Once it stopped bleeding i went into my room and changed into a white tee and jumper and sweatpants and went downstairs to watch a movie.

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