Your Love Isn't My Wish, Its My Dream

A young girl finds her way into maybe her first love? But she is afraid to love because she doesnt wanna be hurt. Who is this lover? Is she searching for him? Or is he searching for her?


1. Stranger

Kristina's P.O.V


Oh shit!My alram clock is going off! An it's already 5:45! I need to get up and get ready!


I ran to my closet picked out skinny jeans and a cute top to match with my vans. I then ran to the shower to get cleaned up. I got out the shower went to the mirror fixed my hair up and put my makeup on. I looked at the clock OMG! 6:00 already school starts in a hour!


I quickly ran to the clothes on my bed and put it on, nearly tripping while putting my pants on.


"Kristina! Are you up!" My mum yelled


"Yea mum ill be done in a minute!" I yelled back 


I almost forgot one thing, my locket. It was the only thing that kept me in touch with my only friend who died by being hit by a car.


"Kristina!" My mom yelled again


"Omg im sorry mom i'm coming down now" I yelled back


I quickly grabbed my baby blue Jansport back pack put all my books in it and ran downstairs.


"I'm sorry mum I woke up a little late"


"Its fine sweetie but you have 20 minutes to get to school hurry up and eat your food then go to the bus stop."


"Ok mum"


I quickly ate my pancakes and bread and ran out the door.


"Bye mum love you" I screamed to her as I was running out the door.


I ran to the bus stop and wow its was kind of cold outside outside it was about  to be fall anyways.


I got to the bus stop and i'm guessing it was just me on the bus since everyone else has a car.


I sat down on the bench and right when I sat down I saw the bus coming thank god!


The doors to the bus opened up and I was about to hop on when I turned to see this curly haird boy standing at a stop sign?

He looks familiar.Do I know him?


The bus driver honked the horn at me and I turned around and hopped on. I saw the curly haired boy staring my way.


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