Your Love Isn't My Wish, Its My Dream

A young girl finds her way into maybe her first love? But she is afraid to love because she doesnt wanna be hurt. Who is this lover? Is she searching for him? Or is he searching for her?


2. Friendship

Kristina's P.O.V


On the bus ride to school I couldn't stop thinking about that boy. He looked so familiar to me I just can't remember.


I finally got to school and went straight to my locker as usual. I saw a note on there again.

You still go to this school? Do you even have friends?


I sighed and just threw the paper in the trash. I went back to my locker to get my books and went straight to class.


I was the quiet sweet girl in the back of the class. People always forgot I was even there. I opened the door to my class room and everyone stared at me as if I was a killer.


"Hi miss Hanes please take a seat" My teacher said


The teachers were always nice to me they was the only ones except my BFF who sadly died. But there was one girl I knew who was sweet and quiet and that was Macy. She was in this class too, she was two seats next to me.


She had beautiful long brown hair and green eyes.She was really pretty but no one talked to her.


It was all Melanie and her stupid group's fault. They made fun of Macy for no reason. By the way they are the popular kids in my school.

*Time to get back to class*


When class was over I quickly went over to Macy.


"Hey Macy"

"Oh hi Kristina" she said

"Hey you wanna sit with me at lunch?"

"Sure thank you for inviting me to sit with you" She said

"Your very welcomed you can always sit with me if you like."

"I will do that thank you. I'll meet you in the cafeteria ok?" she said

"Ok bye"


She's a sweet girl and now I may make a new friend even though I will always miss you Ashley. As I said holding onto my locket.




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