Your Love Isn't My Wish, Its My Dream

A young girl finds her way into maybe her first love? But she is afraid to love because she doesnt wanna be hurt. Who is this lover? Is she searching for him? Or is he searching for her?


4. First Date

Kristina's P.O.V

"Kristina wake up darling." My mum said quietly.


I woke up to the sound of my mums voice.


"Huh uhh yes mum" I said while half sleep.


"I went to the store and bought you a fall jacket that says love is war." " Also I got you some ugg boots."


"Oh wow thank you mum you didn't even have to do that for me I really ow you"


"No no no it's my gift to you for being good and always having good grades"


"Oh wow thanks mum"

I gave her a hug and she walked out my door and shut it.

I think I forgot to tell her about the whole Harry Styles phone number thing but whatever i'll tell her later.

I turned on my t.v. and watched MTV for a little bit. My favorite show was on called made. It changes kids into what they wanna be it's very sweet.

mmmmm mmmmm!

I heard a vibrating noise then I looked down to see my phone ringing.



"Hi is this Kristina?"

"Yes who's this?"

"It's Harry how are love?"

Oh shit he actually called me!

"I'm great thank you for asking, how are you?"

"I'm fine thank you for asking, I was wondering if you was free tonight?"

"Yes I am what would you like to do?"

"Since it's kind of cold and stuff would you like to go ice skating with me in the town at night time to see the stars?"

Holy shit I was breathing hard but I could control it when speaking.

"Sure I love to"

"Alright i'll pick you up around 7:30 ish?"

"Sounds great to me"

"Alright bye"



AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I screamed extremely loud I scared my mum.

"Kristina! Are you alright?!?!"

"Mum yesterday I met Harry Styles on the street while walking home and we chatted for a bit then he asked me for my number so I gave it to him and he called me asking me to come watch the stars with him!!!!!" I said excitedly

"Oh wow that's great honey when is he picking you up?"

"Around 7:30 ish"

"Oh ok well you better get ready by 5:30 ish because I know how you are"

"Hahaha ok mum"

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