Please dont let me go

Blaire's just an ordinary girl until one day , she meets the love of her life Harry Styles.Everything in Blaire's life changes except for the fact that her best friends Rylie and Kylie are hiding one of the most biggest bombshells EVER!!!


4. The Big date

Blaires P.O.V

im really happy for Rylie but im sad myself.. i havent had a date since the start of the year, the reason is that the two girls can get any guy they want but when it comes to me i just get extremely shy and under some circumstances i black out.. theres one thing i hate about myself

'Rylie are you up yet?'i asked waiting for her reply

'yeah just taking a shower'okay good shes up, usually i had to rip her away from the bed.. but this is a start

i go downstairs and start making breakfast for the three of us.. i have no idea what Kylie is doing i havent seen her since last night she said that she was going to her room.. and when i checked she looked sad.. hmm maybe i should go and check

i walk up to her door and put my ear against the door, all i can hear is silent sobs,SHOOT i have to check on her

'Kylie darl are you alright?'


'shh honeybear its alright he doesnt deserve a beautiful girl like you,just remember that okay?'

'yeah i guess you are right' she said wiping her tears away from her beautiful green eyes

'thats my girl'

i left her room and went downstairs and heard the stove on..CREEPY

'hi' Rylie came up from behind the counter


'ahahahahahahah omg sorry,what was that between you and Kyles?'

'jace broke up with her, i feel sorry for her'


'calm it woman'

'im sorry but someone that beautiful doesnt deserve to be broken up with'

'yeah i know i know.. but in other hand are you excited?'

'yeah but i still have like 5 hours to waste.. why dont we spend the day with Kyles?'

'yeah that would be great, get her mind off things'



'alright alright dont get your knickers in a twist, and if they are not i will twist them for ya'

'ok dont need that happening' i laughed trying to break the awkwardness

'aaanyyy wayss heres food guys' Rylie said managing to break the silence

'you guys really do know how to cheer a person up' Kylie said managing to pull out the biggest smile i have ever seen

'stop smiling or your mouth will come off your face. im serious have you seen your smile?' Rylie said

'haha very funny woman, now what were you guys going to say?'

'well Rylie now has about 5 hours to waste before she goes out on her daaateee :)'i made sure to extend the date

'humph should of guess she was going out, i mean look at her shes all happy' Kylie said in an arrogant tone

'wait,what?excuse me but i can go out whenever i want and it wasnt my fault Jace dumped your sorry ass.. im going to get ready and i dont give two shits on what she says' Rylie managed to shout out before rushing up the stairs

'im sorry Kylie but you sort of did deserve that' i said leaving Kylie alone in the kitchen, i went upstairs to find no noise whats so ever

'Rylie Rylie are you here, let me help you get ready' i said trying to look for her

'im in my room' she managed to shout sounded like she was sad

When i had walked in Rylie was in a beautiful black knee-lenght dress that went beautiful around her waiste..God she could pull off an outfit


Rylies P.O.V

i had just finished putting on my dress when i heard my name being called and i automatically knew it was Blaire.

When she had walked in i was trying to think of a way to do my hair and makeup

'here let me help you with your hair' she said pulling on pieces of my hair

'thank you, how come you arent with Kylie?'

'i guess you were right, ever since she broke up with Jace shes just been so abnoxious and self centered.. and girl i cant stand people like that.. and when i saw the anger and sadness flash across your eyes i knew i had to help you out and not her'

'thank you once again, i really appreciate it'

'no problem sistahhhh' she said trying to sound all gangsta like

'please dont say that again' i tried to say holding back my laughs

'i know i shouldnt of said that it sounded horrible coming out of my mouth'

when she was done with me, i didnt even know it was me.

she had curled my hair so it cascaded all the way down my back, and with my makeup, she did it very light because i have very pale skin.

'omg you look amazing, i cant believe my little baby is growing up so fast' she faked wiping a tear from her eye

'and all this is thanks to you' i hugged her as tight as i could


'holy moly guacomole how long have we been up here' i asked looking at the time on my phone

'ill get it you wait up here, ill call you down when its time ok' she said pulling away from my grasp

get it together Ryles, its just a date... or iss it

'RYLIE GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE' i heard Blaire scream

well here i go

i went down the stairs trying not to trip on my heels, but i guess it didnt work because on the last step i nearly tripped and fell


'carefull woman,wouldnt want to hurt yourself before you actually get out of the house'Blaire said while i threw a shoe at her

'OUCH! i guess i better get inside'

'well i guess you should'

when i got to the door i saw Niall standing there in a pair of cream Chinos, a tight red polo top and a matching blazer and damn he looked GOOOOOOD

'hey you look amazing' he said holding out his arm

'and you look incredibly handsome i might say' i said linking my arm through his

'shall we go?'he said with a smile bigger than my own

'we shall'

Nialls P.O.V

'Niall can you please tell me where we are going, my eyes are starting to hurt from this stupid blindfold'she said trying you squirm out my grasp and the blindfold

'no its called a suprise for a reason' i said trying not to laugh at how she was trying to get out of the blindfold

'well atleast can you carry me?'

i picked her up bridal style and began walking to the area i had reserved..

it was about five minutes later that when we arrived,and i could tell that she noticed that we stopped walking

'are we here?'

'yes we are and now you can ta' before i could finish my sentence she had already ripped off the blindfold

'Oh my goodness Niall you did this all f-for me?'

'umm yeah i hope you like it'

'i dont like it' my face dropped alittle

'i LOVE it' and with that she hugged me very tight, i never wanted to let go of this position, so thats why i organized this

'shall we go for dinner?

she giggled a bit 'we shall go'

i led her to the dinner for two near by the river, she looked so stunning tonight

'Niall i still cant believe you did this all for me, you shouldnt have' she said taking a sip of her water

'oh but i did and i know you enjoy this , i can see it in your eyes' i said t

she giggled and i let out a small laugh

after dinner we sat watching the stars and talking about things

when i got up she looked alittle worried

'Niall whats wrong, are you alright?' she asked her eyes glistening under the moons light

'yeah yeah im fine its just that i want to ask you a question....'

'yeah go for it'

'i know this is quick but will you be my girlfriend?


hey heys, i know cliffhanger much..

how are you all liking the story so far...

the only way i can get inspiration for this story is from any of 1Ds music.. especially Live while were young.. i love that song soo much

but anyways dont let me blab on


bye for now :)


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