Please dont let me go

Blaire's just an ordinary girl until one day , she meets the love of her life Harry Styles.Everything in Blaire's life changes except for the fact that her best friends Rylie and Kylie are hiding one of the most biggest bombshells EVER!!!


10. Shes back

Nialls P.O.V

My baby is finally back but she isnt the same cheery person she was, now dont get me wrong i love her like this but i cant stand to see her so upset and miserable. interrupting my thoughts were the ruffling of the sheets

'good morning babe' she looked up at me

'morning ' i replied back looking down

'whats wrong?' she asked

'its just that i cant believe they did that to you' i gave in

'its alright its not the first time thats happend' she sighed

'wait what?'

'yeah when i was younger my stepdad used to rape me, of course i didnt know what it meant at the time but as i got older everything suddenly clicked into place'

'im so sorry i wasnt there to help you'

'why are you sorry for? its not like you did it'

'i know but-'

'butts are meant for sitting now come on' she grabbed my hand but let go when her phone began ringing


'yes this is she'

'oh my good' after that she broke into tears

'ok thank you for informing me'

call ended

'who was that?' i shouldnt of said that because she began crying even harder

'k-k-kylies dead Niall, shes dead!!!'

oh my god

'shhhh did they tell you how she died?'

'they say she overdosed on drugs'

'shh everything will be alright' i cooed her

'i hope so Niall... i just hope so'

Kylies p.ov

'that should of tricked the fucking idiots'

'plan a complete , plan b in ready'






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