Please dont let me go

Blaire's just an ordinary girl until one day , she meets the love of her life Harry Styles.Everything in Blaire's life changes except for the fact that her best friends Rylie and Kylie are hiding one of the most biggest bombshells EVER!!!


6. Old bestfriends or new ones?

Blaire's P.O.V

I woke up in a totally different room, but it was quite comforting, i was wondering where i was untill i heard the ruffling of the bed sheets i turned to see Harry laying there in only a pair of Boxers.DAMN.

'Morning love' he said showing his adorable smile

'morning Haz, and what the hell why are you naked?'

'Well love, it is my bed and im not techincally naked as of yet, but if you like i could?' he attempts to pull his boxers down before i put my hand on his.

'well first things first, when you call me love i automatically assume we are dating second KEEP YOUR PANTS ON CHILD!! did your mother not teach you any manners' i tried to say holding back fits of laughter

'well i will call you love because after our date tonight, you will have it imprinted in this beautiful little head of yours and for your information my mama taught me very well' he said showing off his Cheshire Cat smirk .oh god that smirk was to die for.

'wait since when do we have a date tonight?

'since i just mentioned it'

'okay Harold you won this time but next time keep an eye out for those curls of yours, one minute they are there next POOF they'll vanish faster than i can say 'Cat' i try to say in a blackmailish voice but it didnt work because he was holding his curls.

'you nasty minded woman'

'mama didnt raise no fool'

'yeah yeah speaking of date where are the two lovebirds?' he asked me,

' well Harry you must of been the last person to see her since i blacked out after crying so much'

'hun you both blacked out at the same time'


'anyways lets go look for them, and why on Earth did you say cereal' he  looked at me with a confused look

'oh its a word i made up a combination of so and real , and the end result was Cereal' i tried to explain

'ohhh.. that made no sense what so ever'

'duuh its not meant to' i gave him the duhhh look

as we approached the door to Nialls room we could hear talking from the room,

i felt bad for Rylie, the last time she saw her was when Kylie snapped at her.

just as we leaned against the door Zayn snuck up to us and yelled in our ears

'what the heck are you guys doing?'

'umm whats it look like? we are trying to listen in on their conversation.. wanna Join?' i asked looking at him mischievously

'No thanks hun, ill pass' he said walking down the stairs

just as we were about to put our ears on the door again, the door opend and Harry and i fell face first to the floor landing with an 'ommphf'

'what do you guys think your doing?' i heard an angry Rylie

'Shit' was all i can say

One week later

Rylies P.O.V

Its been a week since Kylie left, i feel empty without her.. sure i have Blaire but without her we are no longer the Awesome Trio... were just Rylie and Blaire.. maybe it was time to call someone else, someone that knows us two very well, not a stranger annnd BINGO!!

I grabbed my White Iphone off of the counter and dialled a number i havent dialled in a year

'hello?' that similar voice rang in my ear

'Um hey Chelsea remember me its Rylie'


'um do you know what happened with Kylie?'

'yeah i heard are you guys alright? want me to come over? is it alright with you guys?'

'yeah that's why i was calling'

'ill be over soon'

call over

I was sitting on the couch when i heard the doorbell go off

'ill get it!!!'

i opened to see my old best friend standing there with a sympathetic look on her face.. when i saw that face i couldn't help but cry

'shh baby doll im here for you okay?'

all i could do is sniffle

I know that with this girl by our sides we could get back to the way things were in no time...



Hey guys i know this chapter is short but OH LOOK ITS ONE DIRECTION

 and i know there isnt much of Harry or Niall but with ones guidance i will get there eventually

and thank you for over 300 reads really appreciated * does the Irish Jig*

im so unnormal guys anyways ciao

and keep reading and need more feed back guyss feeling lonely with the feedback


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