Please dont let me go

Blaire's just an ordinary girl until one day , she meets the love of her life Harry Styles.Everything in Blaire's life changes except for the fact that her best friends Rylie and Kylie are hiding one of the most biggest bombshells EVER!!!


13. ill never let you go

Nialls P.O.V


About 5 weeks later i was out of hospital.But i was really worried for Rylie. She hadnt left the hospital, she only left when she went to get a change of clothes from home but the rest she did here.


'Hey Rylie can i talk to you for a second?' i asked her


'yeah sure whats up?' she looked scared


'umm why did you stay with me those 5 weeks when i was in hospital? like didnt you wanna come home and sleep in your own bed.. didnt you get uncomfortable?'


'Niall why would you say such thing? i stayed with you because i care about you Niall, sure i did get uncomfortable at times but i wanted to be there with you.. what kind of girlfriend would i be if i wasnt there for you?' i suddenly felt guilty


' come here' i gestured her to come closer to me, i embraced her in a bear hug and she buried her head in the crook of my neck


'I love you Ry'

'i love you to Ni'



Rylies P.O.V


I knew it! He was the one i wanted to spend my life with.. He was the one i wanted to lose my V card to.. but what if he doesnt want me? what if he wanted someone better then me? he certainly can do better than me.. i dont know why but sometimes i feel like im nothing to him like i was just his toy.. something he could throw around until it broke. But maybe in his eyes i was something special.. The first time i felt special in my life..


ive never felt important to anybody in my life


Ive never felt special to anybody


Ive never felt loved


Ive never felt anything special at all


Except for now




'yeah babe'


'Im ready' i admitted


'wait, are you sure? like i cant totally wa-' i cut him off


'No Ni im ready NOW!'


'well then shall we?' he held out his hand and walked us up the stairs


Then his lips came crashing down onto mine and things got more heated


'got the 'material' i asked





The next day




'haa wah'


'thank you for last night'


'i hope you were ready though?'




'But Ry last night the material broke and you told me to continue.. so i did'


'what! okay okay... i said to continue yeah?'




'then its okay'


he looked up me


'are you sure?'


'Ni if i was to get pregnant i would want it to be with you'


'wait are you serious?'


'yeah' i smiled


'thank you, and even if you are to carry my child i will never leave your side.. anything you need ill help you out'


'thank you Ni'


'I love you R-' he was cut off




'shit aha' we smiled


we both put clothes on and Niall planted his lips onto mine


'uhumm still in the room' Louis scoffed


'offfcoursee you aree' i smiled


he smiled and left



Last night was perfect <3







sorry for not updating sooner.. i started school so now i have to juggle story writing and blah blah blah


so keep reading and faving this book :)

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