Please dont let me go

Blaire's just an ordinary girl until one day , she meets the love of her life Harry Styles.Everything in Blaire's life changes except for the fact that her best friends Rylie and Kylie are hiding one of the most biggest bombshells EVER!!!


11. How do i say this?

Rylies P.O.V

i cant believe shes gone

my best friend is gone

the one i spent my life with gone

how am i meant to tell Blaire? they were like sisters and i cant stand to see her heart break

'Blaire can you come for a second?'

'yeah.' she looked down

'i have to tell you something really important ok but promise me youll be strong ok?'

'my parents arent dead are they?'

'no but Kylie is' i looked away

'w-what? what do you mean shes dead?' the tears in her eyes began to form

'i just got off the phone with the person in charge of the investigation they say she overdosed on drugs'

'n-n-n-no this cant be happening, everythings my fault i should of never let her go'

'shhh its not all your fault, its mine to if i hadnt given her attitude that day she would of never left'

'i just cant believe it'

'neither can i'

'everything is happening so fast' she looked up at me

'i know i cant believe it, first were happy happy nek minut we lose someone someone important'

'hehe i couldnt help but laugh at that thing from Youtube' she said

'omg its not the time Blaire'

i got up and  hugged her and left her to calm herself down

i walked downstairs to find Nialler sitting on the couch, so i went up to him and hugged him from behind, he turned around and when he saw me his face lit up

'hey babe is she alright?' he asked me

i walked around and planted myself on his lap

'yeah for now i hope, its just so hard to process Niall i cant get my head around everything that has happend its just like one minute everyone you know and love is there next minute poof they are all gone'

'babe dont stress yourself, i know this is hard for you but you and Blaire both have to be strong and ill be here with you no matter what okay?i will never ever leave your side, and even if i didnt i wouldnt even be able to live with myself' he finished off

'thank you Niall'

'for what?'

'for being such an amazing person,boyfriend, your more than i can ask f-' before i finished Nialls lips came crashing down to mine

i fixed my position so now that i was straddling him, i wrapped my arms around his neck while he wrapped his arms around my waiste.GOD THIS WAS PERFECT

when we pulled apart we were both panting like crazy, i leaned in and put my head onto his shoulder inhaling his 'manly' cologne.this was just perfect

Blaire's P.O.V

i was in the middle of a thinking session when i heard my door being knocked on

'come in' i called out


'hey umm Blaire i was wondering if you were still up for that date?'

'Harry i know for sure your a great guy but not what im going through right now, maybe we can go next week i promise'

'ok its alright, and i hope your ok from after what happend'

'yeah its hard to process but ohwell'

'oh and umm Blaire i forgot to give you something'

'yeah Harry'

'this' there and then he planted his soft cherry lips onto mine, i didnt pull back because it felt so right, boy can his mop of curls attract me more into him

we pulled apart and just smirked














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P.P.S you can find me on Twitter at @LilMee1D the l,m and d are capitals :D so stopping myself from blabbing any longer ill leave you guys wondering about whats gonna happen in the next chapter

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