Please dont let me go

Blaire's just an ordinary girl until one day , she meets the love of her life Harry Styles.Everything in Blaire's life changes except for the fact that her best friends Rylie and Kylie are hiding one of the most biggest bombshells EVER!!!


5. Girlfriend.. wait what?

Rylies P.O.V

It took my a while to process it all let alone him asking me to be HIS girlfriend,why wouldnt i say no his Niall Horan and i always have had a major crush on him

'Soo Ryles what do you say?'he asked with puppy dog eyes

'Yes' i said with a massive smile

It took him a little bit to process what i had said and when he finally realized i had said yes his eyes were larger than they usually were.

'Omg Niall stop that with your eyes you are scaring me'

'sorry but i cant believe that i have you all to myself now'

'well now i cant believe i have THE NIALL HORAN all to myself'

after sitting for a little while more he finally spoke up

'wanna get going, i bet everyone is beginning to get worried '

'yeah sure' i replied trying not to look into his beautiful eyes

Just as i was going to get up i felt him pull me over his shoulder


after i said that he put me down

'sorry love, wouldst want that happening now would we?'

'no we wouldn't'

as we walked back he intertwined of fingers together so that they fit perfectly, and i couldnt help but smile

'I never ever want to let go of this hand' he said turning his face to me

'well that makes the two of us' i said showing off my smile a little more than what it was before


When we got home he walked me up to my door,and before any of us could say anything he smashed his lips against mine,i loved how they just moved in sync.A position i never wanted to let go of.

when we finally pulled apart both of us were breathing rapidly, and we both were smiling like crazy.

'well i had an amazing night, i loved every bit of it' i finally spoke up

'well it was only amazing because you were there,and i really hope that we can do this again?'

'ohh stop it you,and i would really like that'

'so this is goodnight?'

'yes, but i dont want it to be' i said faking to act sad

'i know but anyways i wont keep you waiting ' he kissed me goodnight and went to his door

i fished out my key from my purse and walked inside,when i closed the door i quickly walked up to Blaires room,when i got there i heard noises which was good because it meant that she was awake.When i walked in she was listening to music.When she saw me she ran at me like i had the last donut and bombarded me with questions





'wow, okay wait, yes i am back, yes hes an excellent kisser and NO WE DID NOT MAKE BABIES!, but he did ask me to be his girlfriend' i said trying to act cool but it didnt really work


'well.. i said YES!!!and then he walked me back home, and why do you talk dirty everytime i go out on a date?'

'well i want to know if i will be an aunty, for your information..'

'wow that is just very disturbing'

'what you having babies with Niall'

'no, you being an aunty' i said trying to hold back a laugh

'ohh very well then' she said trying to act depressed but it didnt work because we both burst out into laughter

after we stopped laughing i realized that Kylie wasnt there, so we both walked out of Blaires room and walked to Kylies. when we got to her room there was a note attached to her door, i grabbed it and read it out loud

Dear guys

if you are reading this now it means that i am gone,but dont worry i havent gone to some randoms house,Im moving back to Australia.yeah im going back to my parents, i would like to thank both of you for being so supportive when i needed it and i am going to take the time to thank both of you

ill start from Blaire

Blaire, we have known each other for a while and you are one of my closest and dearest friends i will miss you heaps when im back home.Im just sad because i didnt get to say bye in person and i hate the fact that im saying bye paper. i will miss you heaps

Rylie,first im sorry for this morning i didnt really mean to blast out at you, and now instead of a proper goodbye im saying it off paper, i know we have had our ups and downs but all that time i have loved both you and Blaire like sisters,I hope that when i visit you guys, it wont be as hard as i thought it would be, and if you guys are wondering why the paper is wet, i was bawling my eyes out when i was writing this

remember i love you both and dont forget me okay? i miss you guys already

love lots


By the time i finished reading it out loud we were both crying, how could she leave just like that,she was our bestfriend since we were five, i cant believe it,we both needed somebody to hug,so pulled Blaire up off the ground and we walked over to the Boys house.


Nialls p.o.v

Tonight was amazing , i went in single came out with a girlfriend BOOYAA,interrupting my thoughts was the doorbell.I went and opend it to find a crying Rylie and Blaire.


'shh baby whats wrong?'

'my bestfriend Kylie... s-shes....'

'shes what?'

'SHES GONE!!! she left us, we found t-this taped to her door.

She handed me a piece of paper, and i read it.when i had finished reading it i didnt know what to do so i just got both of their hands and lead them onto the couch,and by that time harry finally decided to come down

'sorry to rain on your parade, but what happened?' he asked looking confused

'no time to explain just come here and comfort Blaire' i said shooting him a hurry up look

he quickly scurried to where she was sitting and held her in his lap trying to sooth her.By the time we looked down they had fallen asleep in our laps so i put Rylie into my bed and Harry put Blaire into his.

We both walked into the lounge at the same time, and i indicated the spot next to me so that harry could sit down and i could explain.I explained the story and gave him the damp note that Rylie handed to me earlier he read it and carefully put it down.. when he looked up at me he sad sadness in his eyes

'what are we going to do lad?' i asked him trying to figure something out

'if i knew i would of told you'

'your right lad, i cant think of anything but maybe we could keep them here for a few days try get their mind off of things' i said trying to think of a good plan

'maybe your right we need to do something, and maybe yours is the best idea' he said looking at me

'maybe i am' i said..... i knew i had to help these girls


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